March 17th, 2003


And there was light, and it was good

I turned out the light at 10:24 last night and was asleep well before 11. i woke up once around 5 something, and then I woke up for good around 6, getting out of bed not too long after that. I even made it in to work by 7:20. I kept the blinds open so that I would wake up with the morning light, and it worked. I feel very good having gotten up with the light. As long as I can manage to get to bed early, I will do well getting up early. I really like when it gets light early.

So, because I got in to work early, I can leave by 2:30, giving me plenty of time to go shopping and make a dessert for gaming tonight. Whee.

I got the work done over the weekend that I wanted to get done. I think I should finish with this current batch, including entering it all into the spreadsheet, by Wednesday. Then onto the next batch. Not sure yet how much help I'm going to get with the rest of it.
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Nice to see that the TSA is doing its job:

From an article on CNN:
An airline passenger who had two "No War with Iraq" signs in his suitcase says the federal security agent who opened his luggage inserted a note criticizing his "anti-American attitude."

My dice are gonna be famous

Got an email today asking if anyone in the office had 4-sided or 8-sided dice. Since today is role-playing day, not at my house, and I actually remembered to bring my character, I have my dice bag with me at work. So, I walked over the dice, in 3 different colors. The person seemed pleased. I assum they will be used in a photo shoot. So, watch for my dice, coming soon to a pre-algebra book near you.
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I'm dumb

On the T coming home, I realized how dumb I am. I thought I was all clever for bringing my role-playing stuff with me. And then I realized that I'm going home first and then walking over to gaming. Oh well, at least this way it will definitely be in my backpack.

In bit of a low mood. I think I know what set it off, if that's the right terminology. I'm sure I've posted in here before about how I get low cycles of moods, and I notice them because something affects me more than it probably should. So, I think I'm in one of those now. Blah. Nice weather, but I'm still blah.

Nice weather, but I'm still blah.
I've got a frown on my fucking . . . jaw.
I'd rather eat some eggshells . . . raw.

Okay, that's just silly. Wow, look at me, I'm silly. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And my neck hurts. I really do need to become independently wealthy so I can just disappear from the world for days at a time when I don't feel like doing anything other than lying around.

Time to make dessert, I guess. And it looks like another week where I won't have time to do anything productive. Well, at least this weekend is free. I think I really need to declare a me weekend. So, I hereby declare this coming weekend a me weekend. From Friday after work until I leave for work Monday morning, I'm sitting around the house and getting stuff done. I'm going to finish editing the one Krayzen template. I'm going to start in on the letter-for-letter word game programming stuff. I'm going to wash all of my dishes. I'm going to do my laundry. I'm going to clean my room. And I'm going to jsut sit around and read, which I haven't really done in a long time. And I won't go o[ut of the house, unless I feel like a walk. That sounds like a plan. I'm sure I'll change my mind come the weekend, but maybe by declaring it here it'll actually happen. Because, really, I think I need that kind of a weekend, no matter how much parts of me want other kinds of weekends.

Further evidence of my dumbness

I got everything for the Whipped Avocado Dessert except the whipping cream, so there will be no Whipped Avocado Dessert tonight. It's not like it's a huge loss, but I'd promised to make it, I'd intended to make it, and I didn't. Boo dee boo dee dum dee dum.

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On the advice of a friend, I took a bath. I feel quite a bit better. I imagine the phone conversations I had had something to do with that, too. Had some ideas in the bath which I might try turning into a poem or a song or a story. We'll see. I just hope that the other characters in the role-playing game have something hideous happen to them, so that my character isn't involved in the action and I get some time to write. Heh. Yeah, I gotta be me.

There's only one thing that I know how to do well
And I've often been told that you only can do
What you know how to do well
And that's be you,
Be what you're like,
Be like yourself,
And so I'm having a wonderful time
But I'd rather be whistling in the dark.