March 13th, 2003


Character idea

I posted this yesterday:
I just had a flash of a character, a man who sees an attractive woman on a train reading a book. He gets the book in order to be able to strike up conversation with the woman, or, hoping that, seeing that he's reading the same book she is, she'll strike up conversation with him. Maybe he notices occasional glances from her, but she never says anything. He keeps doing it for a few books, hoping, but then he decides that she's never going to say anything, and he just can't bring himself to say anything. But he keeps reading whatever she's reading, finding that he actually likes the stuff, stuff that he normally would never have been exposed to. Maybe she finally says something to him after months and months. Or maybe one of the books leads him to get interested in some new-to-him subculture, and he runs into her at some gathering or something.

This morning on the bus, I had another idea for a twist. She actually does notice him, and she starts deliberately choosing books to read. Maybe she chooses oddball stuff just to play with his mind. Maybe she chooses books that will lead him to some event, in order to get him there since she's too shy to actually say something to him. Or, for a very different kind of story, maybe she chooses the books to lead him somewhere in order to do something badnasty to him. A sacrifice, or something.

This would probably work best told from his perspective, limited third-person narrator, but one that follows him closely. He doesn't realize what's really going on until much later. Maybe he has all sorts of crazy ideas going on in his head, and one of them is actually close to the truth, but he doesn't realize that until later. He's just the kind of person who has all sorts of bizarre fantasies all of the time.

Hey, maybe I'm sick

Blood in my stool this morning at work. Then, later, I was getting hungry, and I started getting a bit jittery (yes, I did have breakfast). Just ate my leftovers, but I noticed that the chicken was a little bloody in the middle. Hmm, probably didn't defrost long enough. It's the same chicken I ate on Tuesday night. Still feeling slightly jittery. It's a weird kind of jittery, localized to the right side of my body. That's pretty fucked up.

So, if I end up dead, let it be known that it was the chicken. Let's hope the other person who ate the chicken doesn't die, as well.

Here's my last will and testament:

Hey, hrafn, I think you'll get the house. The mortgage hasn't been refinanced yet, and I think there's some sort of death clause, where the house gets paid off or something like that. And, uh, you get to dispose of all of my crap. I suggest having a big free-for-all, where everyone who wants stuff gets to run around the house and grab things. I'm sort of thinking like the wedding dress sales at Filene's basement. Hmm, maybe I should bequeath some specific things. So, let's see, theora can have all of my Star Wars stuff, most notably the Empire Strikes Back poster that's hanging in the kitchen. magid can have all of my Shabbat-friendly games, and cthulhia can have the rest of them (except Rush Hour, which goes to theora). treacle_well can have the Sandman comics (damn, I almost got through them a second time). zzbottom can have my video tape and DVD collection. mattlistener can have all of my Perl Jotto programs, and prog gets the rest of my Perl programs. Oh, and for the games, rikchik gets my Brawl decks. Yes, I know he already has them, but he should be able to find a good home for them.

Okay, enough of this. Let's see how much work I can get done today before I keel over.
worm food

Maybe this is what's making me sick

This story on CNN tells how a French-owned hotel chain in the U.S. stopped flying its French flags because it was worried about the safety of its staff and guests. There is a vague mention of threats they had received.

Does anyone know any local French-owned businesses that I can patronize? I wonder if Marché is suffering any kind of backlash.

Today or yesterday in Neil Gaiman's weblog, there's a great little piece showing a Brit's reaction to the Americans hating the French.


Went to Wendy's and grabbed a salad (and I even took off the tomatoes) and some (fully cooked) chicken tenders. I guess my current stomach weirdness is hunger, because that made it feel better. Briefly. Starting to feel weird again, just a few minutes after eating. Does this mean I'm hungry again? And if my stomach keeps telling me I'm hungry, even though I'm eating enough, that's probably not a good sign, right? Blah.


So, I've already doubled my productivity from yesterday, which was my minimum goal for the day. And I even have a little over an hour left. Of course, this still isn't a stellar pace, but at least I feel somewhat accomplished.
worm food


This could be a fun way to spend some vacation time. Hmm. I wonder if I'll feel like I can afford it then.

Not like I'd actually go. Hell, I was too nervous about meeting him to even go to a book signing. He's pretty much my writing hero.

Mortgage refinancing

Talked to someone at the bank I'm doing the mortgage refinancing through. I need to rustle up a few more pieces of paper for them, but they were able to lock in a rate of 5.75% today, which is a full point lower than the current mortgage, I believe. It's also, I believe, 3/8 of a point lower than when I first talked to them, which means my monthly payment is going to be even lower than I had first thought. Depending on exactly how the numbers end up working, I could very well not have to get a roommate. Of course, getting a roommate would let me save some money, and that would be a good thing. I picked up a Phoenix today, and I guess I'm going to go ahead and call them tomorrow and place an ad. We'll see what kind of response I get. I think I'll give out my work number, since gettign called at work will be much better than getting called at home.