March 12th, 2003


A night and a morning

Well, all of the jam sealed (even the jar that was only half full), and it is extremely gelled. It shouldn't be as bad as the last batch of mango-pepper jam, since strawberries have a lot of water in them. We'll see. I did a little bit of editing for Krayzen, but I found I just couldn't muster the motivation to do a lot of it. I'll probably do some more tonight, but I really need to do that kind of thing in the morning. Something about the type of task it is makes it not something I can do very much of after a full day of work.

I ended up finishing off the Red Dwarf DVD and reading some Sandman before shutting the lights off just a few minutes after 11. Yay for getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Of course, I woke up sometime before 6. I managed to get back to sleep, woke up around 7, finally getting up out of bed at around 7:40, with enough time to make my normal bus.

On the bus ride in, I finished the book I was reading, Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card. I've now started How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy, also by Orson Scott Card. This is getting me a bit more motivated to actually do some writing, but I note that I haven't actually done any. We'll see.

Speaking of reading, I noticed a woman on the T reading a book called The Fuck-Up. I had seen that same book before on the same train. I assume it was the same woman, too, but it was the book title that was noticeable. It's in huge letters across the back and front of the book. So I checked it out on Amazon this morning, and it sounds like a decent novel. I was actually thinking about picking it up until I read a review of it that said it was a Russian novel in disguise. Seeing as how I detest Russian plays, I can only asusme that I'll detest Russian novels, as well. So I don't think I'll pick up the book.

I've noticed that I'm having more ideas for characters and stories since reading the last book. Or maybe it's just that I'm noticing them more and thinking about them more. I just had a flash of a character, a man who sees an attractive woman on a train reading a book. He gets the book in order to be able to strike up conversation with the woman, or, hoping that, seeing that he's reading the same book she is, she'll strike up conversation with him. Maybe he notices occasional glances from her, but she never says anything. He keeps doing it for a few books, hoping, but then he decides that she's never going to say anything, and he just can't bring himself to say anything. But he keeps reading whatever she's reading, finding that he actually likes the stuff, stuff that he normally would never have been exposed to. Maybe she finally says something to him after months and months. Or maybe one of the books leads him to get interested in some new-to-him subculture, and he runs into her at some gathering or something.

So, yeah, I really should write. I need to get over my fears that whatever I write won't be good enough. Yeah, right. I'll just put that on my to-do list.

  • make pie
  • do laundry
  • wash dishes
  • do Krayzen work
  • get over life-long fear of not being perfect

Oh yeah, speaking of pie, I'm going to make my [INSUFFICIENT CLEARANCE FOR THIS INFORMATION] pie tonight, since I probably won't have time tomorrow to make it, and I want to only make one pie on Friday, which will be the lemon meringue. I've asked my boss if I can work at home on Friday, which should not be a big deal. Which means I can get most of a day's work done on Friday and still have time to clean and make lemon meringue pie, leaving a couple of hours to finish up Saturday or Sunday.

Trying not to think of the dentist visit on Saturday. I'm sure it will be unpleasant, but I hope it will avoid more unpleasantness in the future.

Speaker phone

Gah. I hate being on speaker phone. It's one thing when it's necessary, when more than one person at that end needs to be involved in the conversation. Fine. I can live with that. But it's when it's that person's default mode for using the telephone that it drives me nuts. For one thing, it's harder to hear them. And for another, I can't hear them when I'm talking, which can be a pain. And, of course, I don't know if there are secret lurkers in the room or something.

At my old job, my cubicle was right by the office of someone who always used speark phone. She came up to me once and said that she hoped that it didn't bother me, but that's just what they do in marketing. Weird. And it wasn't really annoying. It was actually interesting to be able to hear various bits of conversation otuside of my normal realm. What was more annoying was the person in the next office. She didn't use speaker phone, but I could hear her side of her phone conversations loud and clear. She liked to talk about her various medical problems to people on the phone. Really, it was just not something I wanted to hear.

That is all.


So, I did some fiddling around by hand with this week's puzzle. I didn't find the answer, and I didn't figure I would have time to work on it more or even write a program for it (even though I think all i had to do was modify an existing program). So I went to the Internet Anagram Server. Their advanced search lets you specify, among other things, the maximum number of words to return. So i just told it to return a maximum of two words, and it returned a very short list. The correct answer was there (Collapse )), but i also found a couple of others worth mentioning. COMET PURSUER might actually fit the criteria. I imagine it's quite possible that more than 60% of Americans have seen a comet in their lives. SCROTUM PUREE was just horribly evocative.

Hmm, I really should be concentrating more on work, but I think this might be a reaction from the hard push yesterday to get that batch out. At least I got an attaboy email from my supervisor. That was pretty cool.

And in other breaking news, I am officially working from home on Friday. Yay!
pink vader

I am ... getting ... so hot

I'm a little warm, so I was thinking about taking my sweater off. Then I remembered what shirt I put on this morning. It's swag I got from my last employer, Prentice Hall. It has their logo on it. This would be fine except for the fact that Prentice Hall is my current employer's main competitor. Oops.


So tired.

Wish I could nap now.

I'm here until 5. Unless I just take off now. Hey, that's an idea. I'll take off now and put in an extra hour this weekend. Good thing I came here to post about it, otherwise I wouldn't have thought of that. Good for me to get home sooner, and good for them because I'm trading an hour of unproductive work for an hour of productive work.


Got home a little before 5 and went to sleep. Woke up around 6:15, but decided to sleep some more. Just got out of bed a little while ago.

I put laundry in the washing machine before I went to sleep, so it's in the dryer now, and the second load is in the washer. Time to make the pie, I guess. Err, guess I'll wash some dishes first. Or, I guess I can wait until I'm done with the pie, so that I can wash all of the dishes at once. Yeah, that sounds like a better plan. Don't think I'll get any editing done tonight, but that's okay. I should be able to get some decent time on it this weekend. And my neck hurts. That's one thing I miss about living with someone: being able to ask for a neck rub. Gonna take some Aleve, and then, when I'm done with pie and dishes, gonna take a bath and go to bed. Still kinda tired. I think I may be in bed by 9, unless I wake up considerably before then.