February 12th, 2003


Pi Day

So, I'm thinking about having a Pi Day event. Pi Day is March 14th (3.14). I haven't got all of the activities planned yet, but I know that I will be making several pies, showing the movie Pi, and singing a song about pi that I wrote a while ago. Other possible activities include reciting digits of pi, singing other pi songs, consuming other circular food, and having prizes for having your birth date show up earliest in pi (as determined by a computer program, if I can get one written).

So, anyway, this is just a pre-announcement and a general feeler for interest. Anyone interested?


CNN just took longer to load than usual. My first thought was "I wonder if something big has happened and CNN is getting slammed, just like a year and a half ago."


Just for kicks, I decided to add some more people to my user database for the userpic script. If you do not supply it a user name to start with, it finds a random one through random.bml. I ran it, and it wasn't finding a user (I'm glad I put helpful error messages in there. Neato). It looks like the random user thing has been disabled, since it just takes you to LiveJournal's start page. I wonder if that was done to stop scripts like mine. So, I'm glad I gathered all those thousands of user names before that happened. I decided to try to find a user in some large community (I think I found someone with an interesting userpic who had posted a comment in news). So, my script is now happily plugging away, finding friends of friends of friends.
pink vader

A picture is worth 8 servings (4 if you're me)

Haven't actually tasted it yet, as it's cooling. I figure one piece before bed, and then one piece for breakfast. And yes, it's grapefruit meringue.

I also made a French silk pie tonight (at the same time! At least my evening was exciting). It's currently setting in the refrigerator. Before serving it after dinner tomorrow, I'll whip up some cream, curl some chocolate onto it, and take a picture. Right now, it's just a lump of chocolate in a pie crust, which, while yummy, is not very pretty.