February 3rd, 2003



As I mentioned previously, Writers With Drinks was great on Friday. Had dinner before at the restaurant above the venue with theora. The Buffalo wings came in two sauce heats: mild and Satanic. We chose Satanic, and I'm really glad, since they were barely hot at all. I'd hate to see what the mild sauce was like. I ordered vegetarian asian noodles, which were okay, but really not what I wanted to be eating right after the Buffalo wings. In my quest for the bathroom, I saw zzbottom and missdimple at a table. I offered my noodles to missdimple, since I was done with them, and she was pretty hungry. It turns out the peppers were inedible by her, but she did nosh on some noodles. After the show, magid, hrafn, theora, and i walked back to magid's, where hrafn's car was. magid handed out some chocolate bread pudding, which I finished in the car on the way home.

Saturday was the move, which went really well. It was probably the best-feeling move I've been involved with. Sicne none of my stuff was being moved, I didn't have any of the stress associated with that. I also got to have loads of stuff being removed from my house, which was a great feeling. I ended up getting my Compendium published that morning, so I felt fairly accomplished. theora came over and made chili and guacamole, and I made some chocolate orange mousse (regular chocolate mousse with orange zest). hrafn and I both thoguht that the orange flavor was a bit strong, but it was just right for theora. We watched Jaws, which I haven't seen in quite a while, and which I very much enjoyed. Then I lost at Carcassonne.

I got a ride to surrealestate's with hrafn in the morning, when she came by the house to pick up cloth shopping bags. I think it will probably be a little while before our households are completely separated. Anyway, after sitting around for a while, we decided on Walden and went snowshoeing. I got a picture of a neat little snow sculpture. I only fell down three times. The first was when I learned that you don't back up in snowshoes. The second was when I learned that again. We did some walking on the frozen pond itself, despite signs warning of unsafe ice. At first I just did it right on the shore, after surrealestate stuck a stick through the snow to feel some pretty solid ice underneath. Later, on our way back, we crossed across a significant portion of the pond, which was really neat. There were some other tracks across, so I didn't feel unsafe at all doing it. I really need to get out and exercise more. I got extremely hungry doing the snowshoeing, and we were only out for something like an hour and a half. Got Bertucci's on the way back, then went to volunteer at Food Not Bombs. The van outside said "Everyone Deserves Enough", and that was the same van I had seen a few times in Boston Common in the fall. I guess Food Not Bombs is a national organization, so this must be a local affiliate. Anyway, I washed dishes and some food. I was feeling pretty beat, so I took off when things started winding down instead of sticking around to help serve more (there was a lull in servig, too). I ended up suprising magid with a visit. She fed me, and then I lured her over to my place with the promise of Carcassonne, which I actually managed to win. I guess this no-car thing won't be all that bad. And, really, I can T and bus pretty much wherever I need to go, so I'm not that worried about it.

My neck was hurting Sunday, so I took some Aleve and a bath Sunday night and was asleep before 10. Woke up some time in the middle of the night, and my neck was better. Always a nice feeling. It's hurting a bit this morning, but not too badly. I'm going to try to take care of it today (including gettig up and walking around a bit after I'm done with this post), and then another bath tonight.

I hope to find out what our bank says this week about options for the mortgage, to see if I can refinance or if we can just take hrafn off of the mortgage. If having a tenant with a lease will make them more likely to let me refinance, then I want to know that before I start looking for a tenant. I've been thinking about letting the tenant choose eaither hrafn's old room or the basement. Her room is smaller, but it has better light. The basement is bigger, has worse light, and is right next to the wash room. I would either need to go through their room to do laundry, or I would have to get the back door fixed so I could conveniently go through the back door from the outside to do laundry.

Someone (beowabbit?) suggested that it might be nice if I could find a tenant who wanted to live in the basement and finish the bathroom that the prvious owners started down there. That would be cool.

New friend

While compiling the Compendium on Saturday, I thought I'd check out the userpic script again, jut to make sure it worked and all that good stuff. I saw an interesting userpic, so I thought I'd check out that journal. subzero is a photographer with some neat pictures of women, so I thought I'd add him. As a side note, at least two people noticed that I had added him before I said anything.

I was thinking over the weekend about trying to do some more photography. Some of my favorite pictures that I have taken have been of people. I am considering trying to experiment with taking portraits. I might just whip out my camera when I see people, but I also considered doing some actual photo shoots, just taking people's portraits. Not sure if staged shoots will be nearly as interesting as spur-of-the-moment real-life shots, though. Anyway, if anyone is interested in having their picture taken by me in my attempts to experiment with portraits, let me know.

Story Reading, Sunday, February 16, 7-10

Here's the official announcement of the next story reading at my house.

When: Sunday, February 16 (the day before President's Day), 7-10 PM
Who: Anyone who can read this, plus anyone you want to invite
What: Come to my house and read and listen to stories. Plan on reading for less than half an hour. Bring anything you would like to read. People have read short stories, essays, poetry, letters, and bits of novels. Some people have even read things that they have written. If you would like to listen and not read, that is fine.
Food: There may be some food to snack on, and feel free to bring something to share.
RSVP: Letting me know that you are going to be there would be aprpeciated. However, you are welcome to show up even if you don't let me know.

Special Note: Since this is not a school night for me, I may be up for a little bit of gaming after the event, possibly for an hour or two. It will depend on how tired I am.

Not a complete computer idiot

After feeling dumb for not being able to figure out how to transfer stuff with a direct cable connection, I did manage to get some programming stuff done. There is now a feed for the Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle, wesun_puzzle. And, if I did everything correctly, it should automatically update itself on Sunday evenings.

I notice that they don't have a new one posted for this weekend. I imagine they were talking about Columbia all weekend, so didn't do a puzzle.