January 30th, 2003


Snippets of dreams

I was trying to describe to mattlistener a game I wanted to make in Perl, but I was having some trouble getting the concept across to him. I wanted to make something sort of like ply-by-email, where a person sent in an email to the main server, and the turn was updated based on their email, and then it was the next person's turn. That mechanic was not what I was having trouble explaining, but the fact that I wanted some kind of strategic game, sort of like Risk, but not on any kind of board. I was either going to make a game of my own, or find a game to copy and implement that in Perl, or possibly see if such a distributed game system already existed. Then I thought that i should probably finish all of the Perl projects I already had going before starting something new.

I think this transitioned to me being at my grandparents' house with my grandmother there. I had the same sorts of weird feelings I usually do there, feeling like my grandmother doesn't really like me. That transitioned pretty quickly to hanging out with a female of my acquaintance (different person than the weird dream Sunday night). We were watching TV. Then, I think it sort of occurred to both of us that we could start cuddling and making out. It was never anything that had occurred to either of us, and it just sort of seemed to make sense in that situation. Her clothing got removed. I was focused on her body and not on her face. When my focus returned to her face, she was no longer the same person. She was in fact a male of my acquaintance, but in face only. He kept the female anatomy. It didn't seem strange that we were going to be having sex, though. In that dream universe, it only mattered that I was having sex with someone with the appropriate anatomy, and either a male or a female could have that anatomy. I had brief thoughts that having sex with a male with this anatomy might lead me down the path to bisexuality, but I put it out of my mind. He went to the close and got a condom out. He placed it on top of me, still in the wrapper. This thing was huge. I could have literally fit my rolled-up sleeping bag in it. That's about where that dream ended.

Another snippet, remembered most recently. Not sure where it fits in. I was coming down the stairs to my basement. It had the feeling of being a basement from my childhood, possibly the basement from our first house in Indiana when I was in third grade. I went down one set of stairs and knew I was going to see a lot of boxes off to the right. That area used to be where the main living space of the basement was, but it was all just boxes now. Still, I could see in my mind what had been there. This was all very familiar, and still seems very familiar to me, like I may have dreamed of this (imaginary) basement before. So, when I got to the bottom of the stairs, I think there was a single light on. I turned to the left, went through a little connecting bit, and came around to the other part of the basement, the one that was actually in use. There was a small light on there, and I found the light switch for the bigger light. Then I wanted to make sure that the light was turned off in the other half of the basement, so I went back, not sure where the switch would be, since that light was on when i came down the stairs. I found it just past the last switch I had turned on, having somehow missed it on my initial pass.

I had an earlier dream that was fairly disturbing. I woke up from it around 6, got up to use the bathroom, and told hrafn about it, since she had just gotten up. I'll just say that it involved her and me, and it was very disturbing. I definitely have issues with not living with someone I've lived with continuously for almost eight years. Two more days. We haven't seen each other much this week, with me staying in bed later and her having late classes, and we probably won't be seeing each other much in the next couple of days.
worm food


Oh yeah, Saturday is a new month. That means I need to work on the Compendium. Erg. I don't know when I'll have time, except Saturday morning. Well, I guess I'm getting up early Saturday to do it. Unless I need a little break at work, in which case I can spend a little time on it here today or tomorrow. Depending on when stuff from other people gets done, I may be out of stuff to do again tomorrow.

Work milestone

I just released the final pages of the first chapter.

Of course, tomorrow is the day we were originally supposed to have all 13 chapters released by. Heh.
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The Avocado-Ketchup Experiment

I ate one avocado. Then I had a craving for something spicier. I thought I would try using some of my ketchup packets with my next avocado. Thoughts of that compelled me not to wait, so I ate the second avocado with ketchup. Yum.

I really need to work. I get really distracted when it's something I don't want to do. I hate having to transfer buttloads of comments, basically rewrites of whole sections of a page, from the vendor's copy of the pages to my copy. It's like, why the hell couldn't you have gotten it right the first time, you bastards, making me fill the whole page up with additions. So, anyway, not wanting to do that is making me not do that. Time to do it now and just get it over with. It's jut one page. Then it'll be over.

One final note. I think magid is contagious. Witness:

avocado - the martial art where you throw lawyers around ("avocat" is French for "lawyer", and the "t" is silent)