January 23rd, 2003


My morning so far

This job actually looks interesting. It probably pays crap, though. Well, hopefully, by the time I'm looking for another job, I'll either have a roommate or freelance work or both, so taking a job that pays slightly less than I'm making now might be feasible. We'll see.

Bus was late, so was standing outside in the cold longer than usual. Then there were delays on the Orange Line, so I ended up getting on the third train that came by at Sullivan. Cold standing out there, too.

I thought looking at these 2nd pages would be easy. However, I found out that, for a few of the lessons, they weren't seeing my edits, so they made the edits that I'd already made, so I have to check a lot more stuff. They eventually found out what they were doing wrong (I remember this from a while back), so it won't be a problem anymore, but I'll still have to deal with it for these files.

Meeting today at 10:30. Let's hope I don't forget.

Last night was a lot of fun. There were five of us for the story reading. magid read a wonderful book called The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip. Really excellent. Then majes read the first chapter of something he wrote, and it was excellent. I've known that majes is a wonderful storyteller, and it's nice to see that this translates to prose as well. Then geeyodi read a couple of essays and a poem that she had written a while ago. Very nice imagery, especially with the chocolate mousse. And she said that she'd probably write some new stuff for next time! It feels really good to be motivating people to write stuff. Then theora read a portion of The Princess Bride, where Inigo and Fessik (I haven't read the book, so I really have no idea how to spell their names) went down through the Zoo of Death. I was the only one there who hadn't read the book before, so I probably got the most enjoyment out of it. Then I read a short story called "Empowered", in which a superhero has to deal with the realities of our litigious society. Then I read a letter that my mom had written for the evening, in place of a piece of prose that she had tried to write. It was very nice, and there were not a few wet eyes at the end of it. Yesterday was my brother's birthday, so, of course, the letter touched on that. That reminds me: I need to send her an email. Then magid read a short story by Ursula K. LeGuinn (is that how you spell her name? I'm too lazy to look it up) about disappearing time. Very silly.

A very good time was had by all, I think, and I'm looking forward to the next one. I think the next one will be on a Thursday. For anyone interested in coming, are there any particular Thursdays in February that are better or worse than others?

February Story Reading

I'm not sure why I discounted weekends last time. I'm too lazy right now to go back in my journal and check. Anyway, how would some Sunday afternoon work for people interested in attending one of these things? It could even be a Sunday night, if it were the 16th, since I have the 17th off of work.

I'd never done that before

I was so into reading my book on the T that I completely missed Sullivan Station. When I looked up, the train was at Wellington. So I got to take a different bus home. On the bus ride, I finally finished Mastering Regular Expressions. I'm sure I will be referring to it a lot and probably rereading whole sections as I do more programming. Of course, now I have to find another book to read, and this time it can be fiction. I've got plenty of good ones to choose from, so I'll have to spend some time considering.

Speaking of Perl, I got to use Perl again at work today! Collapse )

Time to figure out what I'm going to do tonight. I suppose I could still work on my freelance writing thing as originally planned, but the instructor is out of town until Tuesday, so we have a bit more time to get those in, and I might use it. Of course, it might be best to just do it now. Of course, it's something that could use a little reflection (coming up with article ideas), so I might actually write some stuff down, think about it, and then come back to it later and send out the email for the assignment. That's not going to take up much time, though. I think I want to spend some more time in my room. And hrafn and I are probably going to spend some time splitting up the books, seeing as she has now found a place to live. And maybe a bath, to ward off the frozen spirits.

No plans yet for the weekend, but that might change. Still, I should have a large amount of unscheduled time this weekend, so I should probably figure out something productive to do lest I spend a bunch of time sitting around watching television or something. Maybe this would be a good time to start writing my one short story for the year. Hearing majes reading his story may provide me some motivation to start writing. And, speaking of majes, I really should do some more editing work for Krayzen. I guess what's been making me put that off is the dread of figuring out all of the style issues and making all of those corrections. I think I might just give it a regular review, not worrying about some of the more nit-picky style things right now (like exactly how multi-category skills will get laid out), just to get this stuff moving.