January 16th, 2003


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Looney Night was decent. I played Nanofictionary, Gnostica, and Big Aisle, Small Cart. I taught Gnostica to one person, and it was okay, I guess. It'd been a while since I taught it, so I was a bit rusty. It was a bit annoying that the guy I was teaching it to kept asking strategy questions in the middle of the explanation. He asked other questions, too, which was good, actually, but, I dunno. I guess I was just in a mood where that would bother me. It also didn't help that the person sitting next to me was being a jerk, saying things like "Oh, and there's just one more rule. And one more," as I was adding in things I had forgotten, or additional things. I mean, really, shut the fuck up.

I got a ride there. I was an hour early, so I got some more reading done. I'm into the very large Perl-specific chapter in the book now, which is cool. Maybe some day I'll actually do soe more programming, so this will be useful. I think the next non-fiction book I read will be Programming Perl, although I'm not sure how well that will do with just a straight read. We'll see. I guess I should carefully pick which fiction book I will read in between, since I'll be reading a lot less fiction, now. I think I'll still let the Recluce series sit. I've got plenty of books I've gotten as gifts over the past year or two that I haven't touched, so I think I might pick up one of those.

I took the bus back, which meant I had to leave early enough to catch the 9:30 bus. I heard about another bus that runs later but is more of a walk. I didn't feel like trying it out last night, but it's good to know about that option for future reference. The license plates for the Saturn should be in the mail, so, as soon as they get here, I'm dropping them off at the RMV. Then I just need to send the form they give me to my insurance company, and I will be completely carless in all ways. Although, I guess technically the car insurance for hrafn's car is still in my name, but that will get changed shortly.

No plans at all tonight. The one thing I want to get done is updating my resumé. Other than that, I'll probably make something for dinner, with enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Maybe pick up a little in the basement, kitchen, and living room, including doing some dishes. Maybe start in on the piles of miscellaneous crap on the bookshelves in my bedroom. I also think I'll try to go to bed early, so that I won't be falling asleep during game demos this weekend.

Still no word from the electronic production people about those last files for chapters 3 and 5. And I gave them the files for chapter 7 yesterday, with another two files for them to fix. All three chapters are ready to go within half an hour of me hearing back from them. I'm not holding my breath, though. I've got proofreading to do for Chapter 11, but I don't think that will take me all of today and tomorrow. I think I might take off early today, especially if I don't hear from the electronic production people. i mean, even if I do hear back from them, that's an extra half hour of work, which doesn't really make for two full days ("full day" being defined as 7 hours at work, with 2-3 hours being spent on email, LJ, and Web surfing). I've got 2.25 extra hours built up, so I could take off at 1 and still be fine. I think I'll see how chapter 11 goes. If it looks like I'm close to getting through all of it, I might stay a little longer just to finish it up.

Teaching Tip

From something I'm proofreading at work (yes, I've actually started doing work):
Some students may use the reciprocal of the slope formula and find run over rise rather than rise over run. Ask those students if they can run while seated. When they respond that they cannot, point out that they must first rise before they can run. Since rise must come first, it is written first as the numerator.

I mean, Jebus. I suppose I would have a hard time coming up with meaningful teaching tips as well (this is on a two-age spread of tips for new teachers), but I hope I wouldn't write something like this.


Does anyone have any ideas how to put my one published article into my resumé? Would a "Publications" heading look too weird with just one item under it?


Worked on my resume (I've got all the info on it I want, now I just need to figure out the best way to format it), dropped the cable modem off, and am making turkey soup, with normal stuff plus some hot cherry peppers. Time to go get the rosemary biscuits out of the oven and have dinner, I think. Then watch some Simpsons and then maybe work on a Web page that will let people score their Jotto words, like I've started doing with mine after too many mistakes in scoring.