January 13th, 2003


Notes from a commute

Massachusetts General Hospital is looking for "healthy adult smokers" who have smoked "at least 15 cigarettes per day for at least 3 years" for a study on a new drug. I suppose they mean healthy besides all of the crap in their lungs.

Aggressive Globe marketing. "Free Globe! Free Globe! Free Globe!" Right next to the guy trying to give away the Metro. The Metro is the daily free paper handed out to commuters. This is the second time now that I've seen the Globe seller right by the Metro person giving away free newspapers. Interesting to note, but I just wish they'd get out of my way when I'm trying to get to another T platform.

Games afternoon

Had a nice time at treacle_well's games afternoon. I played two games of Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers, bringing my total for the weekend to seven. I also played a game of Cities & Knights of Catan, which was fun. I'm glad I suggested that we play to 11 points instead of 13, since that allowed us to finish at just about the time that someone in the game had wanted to go home, and it also allowed me to get home at a reasonable time.

Speaking of time, I have 1.5 hours of time built up at work. It just struck me as I came in that I now have benefits, including vacation, sick, and personal time, so I don't have to save up time in order to be able to take time off. So, the saved up time could be used for going home early today, which would allow me to get stuff done, like getting to the bank for a roll of quarters, returning the cable modem, and making some sort of side dish with mangoes to go with dinner tonight, since I really need to use up those mangoes. Let's see, in at 7:30, 7 hours puts me to 2:30, minus 1.5 hours puts me to 1:00. Hmm, that's a bit early. I'd probably have people looking for me if I left that early. 2:30 is plenty early to leave and still eb able to get everything done, actually. I guess I can save the extra time for coming in late, or maybe for taking off early on Friday to get ready for Arisia. Of course, Arisia is right by work, so it might make sense to just go straight there from work, which would mean more saved-up time. Well, we'll see how today goes. If I really don't have much work, then I just might take off early. Right now, I have a side project from my supervisor. I don't know if I'll be getting more real work today or not.

Story Reading, January 22, 7-10 PM

I first posted this just before Christmas, but I'm posting it again. I've only heard from one person so far, and, while it's fine for people to show up without an RSVP, I may decide to cancel it if it's just going to be me and one other person there.

Original invite follows. You and anyone you know are invited.

I'm planning on hosting another story reading at my house on Wednesday, January 22, 7-10 PM. As before, I think I'm only going to announce this here. Please feel free to extend this invitation to anyone you know who might like to come but might not see this. Email me for directions if you've never been to my house. RSVP would be nice but is not required. Feel free to bring food, but it is certainly not required.

At the last one, people read stories and some essays. You are welcome to bring anything you'd like to read, but try to keep it under half an hour. If there are a lot of people there, I may ask people to read shorter things. I recently got a poetry book filled with poetry selected for being good to read aloud and share, so I will be reading some poetry. In April, I may have a story reading just for poetry, to celebrate National Poetry Month.

If there is some type of thing you'd particularly like to hear, feel free to let me know, so that people who are having a hard time deciding on something to read can use that as a guide if they wish.

It is acceptable to show up just to listen and not read. Two people did that last time, and it was just fine.
pink vader


I wonder how much of my food I could get for free. With the bounty at work and the bounty at parties, I could probably get away with spending less on food. Hell, there are a lot more parties that I could go to than I do. If money really does become that tight, I could just scrounge food instead of having to get a roommate. Not that I'd actually do that, but it's an amusing thought.