January 10th, 2003


Quelle surprise

I woke up around 2:30 and got up to go to the bathroom. And there was no crap in my way that I had to be careful not to step on!

I cleaned my room last night. Well, mostly. There's still a little pile of papers and stuff in the corner between the bed and the dresser, but that space never gets walked on. Other than that, nothing is on the floor that shouldn't be there (except for the little bits that I have to vacuum up). My bookshelves still have all sorts of random crap, and I have several boxes full of random crap in my closet. I'll go through those at some point, but the important thing is that the room looks pretty decent, at least for now. Since I don't spend too much awake time in the room, I don't think it will be too hard to maintain for a while. The biggest thing is probably taking the time to actually put away the laundry when I bring it up to my room.

Got out of bed late, but I hurried to get ready to try to make the bus I've been taking. I ran after it and waved, but it pulled away anyway. Another 10 seconds and I would have made it. So, I took a bus that got there at about 7:15, and I still got in to work a few minutes before 8:00, so that's fine. I was planning on staying a little later today, anyway.

Oh, and I've spread Jotto to another continent! In a comment on PerlMonks, I said I was willing to play Jotto with anyone over email. So I'm playing with someone in Australia. Oh, and the comment was on a post by someone else who had seen my article and wanted to improve on the code in there. Very cool.

More fun with files

So, after passing along Chapter 1 yesterday, including updloading the files back onto the server[1], I get a call from one of the electronic production guys this morning. They apparently can't see the changes I've made to the files. He tells me to try uploading the directory again (I still have the copy on my machine). While doing that, he tells me "Now do the set privileges thing." I have no idea what he's talking about, and I tell him so. It looks like there is possibly some step in there that they forgot to tell us about.

He tells me to do that and re-upload the files, and he'll get back to me. So, I go let my supervisor know, and she puts in a call to the head guy in electronic production on this project, asking him to clarify with me what the process is supposed to be. Then I get a cubicle visit from two guys in electronic production, one of whom I was on the phone with this morning. They have me look at a file on my machine. It has my changes. They couldn't see those changes on their machine. We're trying out some other stuff, when their boss calls me, saying that they can leave and go back down[2] there, since he's made a "startling discovery". I have no idea what that startling discovery is. I guess I'll find out sometime today, since this chapter, in whatever state it can get into, is supposed to be sent somewhere out of house at 3:00 today for some sort of demo purpose.

Meanwhile, I have some things I can do, but probably not enough to last me all the way until 4:30 or 5:00, or whenever I decide to leave. A new chapter to proofread is supposed to be coming upstairs today, but that might not happen, since the people working on this current problem are some of the same people responsible for getting chapters up here.

[1] - You may recall that, initially, we were going to do all of the work on the server. They couldn't get that to work, so the solution they came up with was to have us pull the directory down from the server, work on it locally, and put it back on the server. This seemsed to have worked fine.

[2] - I'm on the 11th floor. They are on the 7th floor.


So it turns out that it was a procedural error on their part. It looks like they're doing just fine with most of the Chapter 1 files. Still a couple of problems, but, again, those appear to be procedural errors on their part. I got a call indicating that the Chapter 3 problem files were being worked on, so we'll see when that happens. For some reason, I've been thinking that I'll come in tomorrow to do this stuff. But, really, it's Friday. (*checks date on machine to make sure*) So, I guess I don't have to think about any of this until Monday, which is nice. I managed to dragg out the work I had left until now. There is a small proofreading job on my supervisor's desk that I can pick up if i have time, so I guess I have time now. I can get started in the little bit I have before I leave, and then I can finish it up Monday morning. I might really be out of stuff to do Monday morning, since the next chapter to proofread hasn't come up yet (which means it probably won't until Monday mid-morning at least), and who knows about the comments from the vendor on Chapter 7. So, yeah, we'll see.


"I've got two words for you: 'Shut the fuck up.'"

Just saw Midnight Run for the first time. Excellent movie. Thanks for getting me to watch it, theora.