December 26th, 2002



The lights flickered a bit last night, so I thought I'd go downstairs to shut down the computer. I discovered that it had already shut down and was restarting. The biggest impact of this was that the program I had running in an ssh window stopped running. It had been running all day, collecting user names. And it's not set up to write stuff out until the end. Yes, I lost all of it. Why did I not set it up to run in the background? Because I'm stupid, that's why. So I got it running again last night before I went to bed, and it's still plugging away.

hrafn's mom called last night, so we didn't end up watching 12 Monkeys. I think I'll watch it after work today and before going to have dinner with my mom and sister. Not sure how I'll feel about driving out to my sister's (near Cleveland Circle), but we'll see. So, instead of watching the movie, I played around online and then took a bath and read in bed until turning the light off a few minutes after 9. I got a phone call around 9:30 and then was back asleep. I woke up about every hour, starting around 3:30. So, I don't think I'm as well rested as I could be, but I feel pretty okay now.

Dug the car out this morning. They had actually plowed on our streets. Actually, I just scraped it off, then used the car to dig itself out. It took me maybe half a dozen times, but I finally managed to get over the plwed-up bits. The main roads were fine, very well plowed. The parking lot at Wellington was almost empty, and I got there at normal time, too. I think most people are taking at least today and tomorrow off. So, it should be nice and quiet around here. Maybe the co-worker will be out, but I doubt I'll be that lucky. Here's hoping she at least doesn't bug me for the rest of the year.

I'm definitely ready for this poject to be over. I don't mind the work, and i actually even like the proofreading. It's just that things are so far behind, and they don't show any signs of cathcing up. At least they've said the deadline isn't moving any more, so, in less than two months, I won't have to worry about it any more.


I have been here an hour and a half. So far, I have proofread one (1) page. And now I need to go to the bathroom. Really, I'll be more productive in the next hour and a half. Let's see if I can get through at least 2 lessons in the next hour and a half. I don't want to be too productive, though, since proofreading this chapter and the next chapter could well be the only work I have until a week from now.


Why are my arms sore? Oh yeah, I did some pushups the other day. Occasionally, I get the urge to do some pushups, so I do them. I think I might have done 25, which is about how many I can do if I haven't been doing them.

I used to have problems doing even 20 pushups. This was a problem when I was a freshman in college, since I was in ROTC at the time. I needed to do something about it, or else I wouldn't be able to pass the physical fitness test. (I ended up getting kicked out of ROTC for not passing the test in my senior year, but that's a different story). So, every day of Christmas break my freshman year, I did 100 pushups. When I got back, I was able to do the 41 pushups required to pass that portion of the test.

I have occasionally gone through periods of doing more pushups. I did more when I was taking kung fu. I did more for a while when someone I was dating mentioned liking buff men. Like most things I do in life, none of it lasted very long. Still, I get the urge to do pushups every so often, and I hardly ever deny myself the pleasure. I really feel like doing some now, but I don't know if I dare to in the office. I think I might have to be content with some stretching for now. We'll see.

Rant x 2

Small rant: stupid post office delivery guy doesn't fill out the little redelivery notification form correctly saying when I can pick up the package, so I wasted a trip to the post office today. I guess I'll have to go get it tomorrow.

Bigger rant: Stupid AT&T Broadband Internet raising rates except if you subscribe to TV service as well. So, they're giving less stuff but charging you more. Yes, that's right, $60.99 for internet if you don't have cable, and $54.01 for internet and basic cable (of course, that's just the average price, since basic cable could be as high as $14.95). I'm going to see if RCN is in my area. This might even be enough for me to get Verizon DSL instead of AT&T Broadband. Fucking AT&T.
worm food


I don't really want to go out tonight. I'm pissed off from the post office and broadband crap, parking on the streets near us is horrendous. Yes, I could take the T, which I probably will. And, of course, my mom's flight is delayed, so who knows when she'll actually get in. I suppose I do need to get there, so that I can drop off all of the paperwork and plates and such for the Saturn. But, really, it will be extremely late, the streets will be icy, I'll probably slip and fall on my walk to the bus or from the bus. And then I'll be in a bad mood for my trip tomorrow, and I really don't want to do that. Hmm, since my mom and sister will be coming from the airport, they won't be that far from me, so maybe I can have them come to this area for dinner, so I don't have to go out very far. Blah blah blah.

Well, that was easy

I ordered Verizon DSL. Service will start a week from Monday. Then I can cancel AT&T. Fuck you, AT&T.

And it's cheaper, too. First month free, $30 per month for the next 5 months, then regular price is $40/month. And, as long as I keep it for 12 months, the DSL modem is free. Plus I get a $25 virtual Mastercard gift card thingy. So, yeah, fuck you big time, AT&T.

Not too bad

Took the bus to the T and made it to my sister's a little after 8:30. Went and had dinner at Not Your Average Joe's in Watertown. And only because I know magid will ask, I had meatloaf.

I gave gifts and got a gift (a Borders gift card, for both hrafn and me), and I even got a ride home from my sister, which was much appreciated. Got the plates and registration to my mom, although I was unable to find the title right now. It might be in the car. My mom is meeting me downtown for lunch tomorrow, and then she's taking the T to Wellington where hrafn will pick her up and drop her off at the Saturn dealer to get the car.

Trip to Providence tomorrow. It will be nice to be away for a while, I think.