December 24th, 2002


In early

Got in at 7 this morning. Got up at 6, and hrafn was nice enough to drive me into work (and then go back to bed, I assume). She's off until January 2, and she needs the car today to do some more shopping. I'll probably stay at work until 4:30 or until I get tired of it. Or until they close the building, if they end up deciding to close the building early. Of course, since I got here at 7, I could work a full day and leave at 2, but we'll see how productive I'm feeling. Getting an extra couple of hours in would be good, too, since I have an hour and forty-five minutes left to make up from taking off a bit early on Friday.

Things seem to be working just fine with my script to get user names. I had gotten some errors from one of the runs last night, and it added some communities, which it's not supposed to. Now that I think about it, what probably happened was that some pages didn't load, and it assumes something isn't a community unless it finds <title>Community Info</title> on its userinfo page. So, if that page didn't load, it would just assume it wasn't a community and then add it. So, I should probably throw in some code to spit out the user names where pages failed to load, or somehow automatically handle them.

Working more today on entering changes into the files for Chapter 3. I found problems yesterday with some of the files. Some were similar to problems I've had with some files in Chapter 1, and some were similar to problems the co-worker had with some files in Chapter 2. Neither of us has heard back about these problems, and I don't rally expect to hear back until at least the end of this week, more likely the end of next week. So I'll just work in the files that I can, and then I'll move on to proofreading Chapter 5.

Gift-giving goodness

I got an email from my mom this morning saying that her Christmas package had arrived from Amazon yesterday. Hooray for their guaranteed holiday shipping. Last Thursday, they had a deal where you could pay $4 for shipping, and it would get there by the 24th, whatever method they had to ship it, as long as it was an item that was usually available within 24 hours. So, it's good to hear it got there. And she liked both of the books we got her. I got her cthulhia's favorite book, Simple Abundance, and hrafn picked out some book on art and therapy, or something like that.

Here's hoping the package to my dad's house gets there on time.

Also in the email from my mom was mention of the Saturn. She heard back from them yesterday (well, she had to call, since they forgot to call her), and she's going to call back today to find out when they can be done with it. She'll most likely be flying out here sometime near the end of the week to pick up the car and take it away. As soon as I sign the title over to her, I will officially own zero cars! (Okay, I suppose it won't really become official until she gets it registered in her name so that I can turn the plates in.) Not sure how I'll do with not having any car at all to drive, but that will be a while away, with hrafn sticking around for a while longer.

Hmm, that reminds me. We should probably look into all that legal crap, especially the big question of whether we can still live in the same house after we do all the legal paperwork.

Early closing

So, we just got an email saying that the office is closing at 2 today. I think I'll take the 2.5 extra hours as extra time, since I could possibly have stayed until 4:30 today. I don't feel bad about it at all, especially since I'm being pretty productive today.