December 9th, 2002


Story Reading, Thursday, 7-10 PM

Just a reminder about story reading this Thursday. Please let me know if you plan to attend. Below is the original posting.

I've decided to host the first story reading at my house on Thursday, December 12th, 7-10 PM.

I'm not setting it up like this monthly, but I wanted to at least get the first one done, see how many people show up, etc, and I wanted to get it done before end-of-the-year nuttiness.

So, bring a story, or anything else you'd like to read. If there are types of things you'd particularly like to hear, feel free to let me know, and I can pass that along in case people have a hard time coming up with things to read.

I think I'll keep this on LJ for the first one and not send it out to any lists. If you are reading this, you are invited, and so is anyone you know. Email me at if you don't know how to get to my house. An email or LJ RSVP would be nice, too, so that I can know if furniture will need to be rearranged.

If people would like to bring some food for themselves or to share, that would be fine, but I really want to focus to be on the reading, not the food. Black tea and herbal tea can be brewed up, but I own no coffee. If you want beverages other than water or tea (I know I need beverages for reading), you'll need to being them yourslef.

Plan on reading something that will not take more than half an hour. Or, if there's something longish you want to read, consider bringing something short, as well, so there is flexibility depending on the number of people.

You are welcome to come and not read. You are welcome to come not intending to read and then decide to read at the last minute.

I hope to see you there.

Fresh Samantha == Coke

I recently heard someone mention that Odwalla was owned by Coke. Then I heard that Fresh Samantha was owned by Odwalla. A quick check of Fresh Samantha's Web site showed that they had merged with Odwalla. And a slightly less quick check of Odwalla's Web site showed a press release from last year about the acquisition by Coke. So, here I was, drinking good stuff and thinking I was supporting a small, family-owned business. Bah. Bah, I say.

RMV and (Non-)work

Including walking time, I spent a shade under an hour going to the RMV to get replacement plates for the ones that got stolen. I suppose I should probably drop them by the dealership where my mom is having the car looked at, but I don't know when I'll be able to do that. It should be fine on the dealership lot, so I'll just wait until I need to go pick it up or something.

Got a call this morning, asking me to try to open some files that the co-worker couldn't open, to see if it's just her machine or what. I couldn't open them. So i guess they're back to trying to work on the problem. So I've gone to see the sub-boss a couple of times today to get more work. From her reaction when I came back with finished work, she certainly didn't expect me to be back that quickly. I don't know why, since, with being really slow about it, I took something like 2 hours to do half an hour of work. I guess people just aren't expected to be efficient around here. So, I have some more work to do, which I go just before going to the RMV. Time to get started on it now. Since I'm here until something like 6 today, I will probably be able to get this done and ask for even more work, so that I'll have stuff to do tomorrow morning.

Maybe they'll have the technical stuff figured out by tomorrow. Well, okay, no, they won't. Something like 5-6 weeks left on this 5-month project, and we really haven't started the real work.
worm food

Hypoallergenic Cat

Someone recently metioned that there might exist cats that don't agitate allergies of people who are allergic to cats. Can anyone point me to information on this?

Still at work

I decided I'd use today to make up some time from taking a sick day last week, so I'm still here. This has ended up being my longest day here, 10 hours. I've kept track of my hours every day I've been here. I write down when I get here, when I leave, and how long (if at all) I take for lunch. I took an hour for lunch today to go to the RMV, so only 9 hours, which means 2 of the 7 hours from Thursday made up.

And I'm actually doing work, although not the work I was hired to do. I've heard nothing further today on the software front. I expect I'll hear something by Wednesday.