December 8th, 2002


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I've temporarily swapped out my userpic from last year's beach party with a new one from this year's beach party. Once someone adopts this picture, I'll fill the other one back in.


I was going to be productive today.

I did a little cleaning in the kitchen this morning. After making and eating a late breakfast, I did a little straightening in the basement. I'd had thoughts of doing some more cleaning, then maybe some other productive stuff. Instead, I read for a bit, then started watching The Jungle Book (the newer, live-action one) on TV, then read some more, then slept. I just got up out of bed a bit ago, and it feels so anti-productive to wake up when it's mostly dark out. Bah. Not really motivated to do a whole lot, and it's really hard for me to be very productive in the evening. I think I can try to muster enough energy to put another load of dishes away, but we'll see. Some time, I'm going to have to clean my room. And I really need to do some Christmas shopping before leaving for Indiana on Friday. Bah.
worm food


So, the first time in something like a month that I'm home and planning to watch a new Simpsons, it's a repeat. They're showing this year's Halloween episode, which wasn't all that spectacular. Blah. I guess I'll watch it anyway, and at least Futurama and King of the Hill are new, so I'll probably watch those if the football game is over in time, which it usually isn't.

What a productive day I've had.



I know it was an innocent remark,
a tossaway, flippant answer
to my pestering questioning.
"Why do they call it Naugahyde, Mommy?"
"It's where the naugas hide. Now go and play."
To this day I shiver when I sit on that couch.
Yes, I can sit on it now, after all these years.
Yes, it's still there, in my mother's house.
It tormented me throughout my childhood.
I was terrified that the naugas would
decide to come out of hiding and take me away,
take my mommy away.
Did they take daddy away?
I never had the courage to ask my mother
if the naugas had taken my father away.
Sometimes I think that would be
easier than the truth.
Don't you love me, Daddy?

Okay, so this is kind of cheating, since this is a poem I wrote about four months ago. I wrote it for a friend of magid, who wanted to see what popped out fo my head with the word "Naugahyde" as a prompt. This was shortly after ArtBeat, when I was trying to encourage people to give me words or ideas as poetry writing prompts. So, anyway, that's the poem for today. Not really being creative, but at least I don't have to feel bad about not putting anything up today. And, of course, it's something for dictionary_wotd. And I know that there are people who read that, since I saw someone put a comment on yesterday's word, palindrome. They posted a neat palindrome.