November 26th, 2002


Adventures on the bus

My second time riding the bus in two days. I wonder if it's always going to be this exciting.

A woman had a seziure on the bus. She fell down right in front of me. She was kind of on her side, so her face was pointed pretty much directly at me, but she wasn't looking at me. A blank expression on her face. Saliva started coming out of her mouth. Someone told the bus driver. The bus driver called in. An ambulance and a fire truck came within probably about two minutes. Some people got off the bus. I stayed on. The paramedics came on the bus, got her sitting in a seat, started asking her questions. "What day is it today?" I couldn't hear her answer to that one. "What's your name?" The questioner initially heard "Madeleine", since he repeated that at her. Later it turned to "Natalie". "What day is it today?" That got a response of her last name. Repeated the question. She apparently wasn't with it enough to remember what day it was. They got an oxygen mask on her. The rest of the bus, including me, emptied out at that point, since it was unclear how long it would be. It sounded like we would have to take the next bus. They got her on a stretcher fairly quickly, though, so I think she was relatively okay. We all piled back on the bus.

hrafn left later than I did, but I saw her bus as mine was taking off, so we got to Sullivan Square at about the same time and rode in together. Don't even ask about the fucking car.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do tonight. Thoughts of T and bus and walking in the possible preceipitation tonight aren't very appealing. Although, right now, the hourly forecast at says that it's not supposed to start snowing until 3 A.M., so we'll see. According to that forecast, though, it's supposed to be snowing pretty much all day tomorrow. Going to be fun commuting tomorrow. Maybe there will be enough people with the day off that it won't be so bad. Hmm. I should probably get up early in order to get in okay, which means getting to bed early tonight. So, if I don't go out tonight, then I guess I can pretty easily go to bed early. I can get out of here by 5, be home by 6, eat some leftover meat loaf for dinner, maybe start working on the Krayzen style guide, then read my book until I fall asleep, maybe around 9 or 10.

Sounds thrilling. Man, I really need to eat now. Time for the usual bagel and soy shake, I guess. But, blah, going down to the cafeteria seems like so much effort right now. And then I'll ahve to come back up. And then I'll have to spread stuff on the bagel. And then I'll have to eat it. And then I'll probably have to hunt down work, since I don't really have anything to do that's worthwhile.

I can't wait until lunch.

Dynamic Web pages

Announcing the relaunching of a couple of my dynamic Web pages. Using for the headers and such has cleared up the problems.

  • - Grabs random words from my Jotto dictionary and links to their definitions. With the expansion of my dictionary, you may find that some of the words aren't defined on
  • - Loads random LiveJournal userpics. No, it is not possible to find out who these belong to. Feel free to play the how-long-until-I-see-a-picture-I-recognize game.

And, for good measure:

  • - Loads a random Boggle board, with the same distribution as Boggle Deluxe. Clicking on the "Load the same board" link will make the location of the page have parameters that uniquely identify the board. This allows you to send the link to someone else, so that you can play the same board. Or you can just brag about your score.
worm food

Some goodish news

  • Benfits are normally given only for contracts that are 6 months or longer. However, my time on the current contract counts towards that 6 months. So, even if the contract is only until the end of June, I'd get benefits. Benefits would start at the end of my current contract (end of January). One less thing to worry about. they also said that they could do the extension until the end of July, so that's more time of guaranteed employment, which, right now, is a nice thing. Going down to just one income, I'm not sure how safe I'd feel trying to break out into freelance stuff, what with the mortgage in all. If I want to keep the house, I should probably find a roommate, once hrafn's school stuff gets figured out. I really would rather not have some random stranger as a roommate. Bah.
  • Supposedly the car is being delivered tonight. I'm going to be home so that it can be delivered between 6 and 7. That would still give me time to go out tonight if I feel like it, but we'll have to see. I don't really want to make plans to ocunt on it until I actually have the keys in my hand.


So I went and asked for work. Well, what I actually did was ask if my boss knew anything about the status of the project, and she hadn't heard anything since last week. So she fired off a request for a status report, and I got to talk to a sub-boss (or, in video-game speak, maybe a "level boss") and get some work to do. Page reference stuff, which is fine. Easy, mindless. Better than twiddling my thumbs. Plus, hey, it's me asking for work again before having to be asked, which is probably only helping my reputation.

Keeping track of comments

What the hell is up with people making comments on posts from yesterday? I mean, that's like, a day ago almost. Really, sheesh.

So, yeah, I was thinking about maybe coming up with some tool to keep track of comments on other people's posts, something that will let me know about any new comments so that I don't have to go back through my friends page to know about anything new. So, I'm thinking something that will take a base reading going back a certain number of days, and then, every time it ran, it would let me know about any new comments since the last time it ran.

This sounds like a good next project.

For those interested

I found this in lj_clients:

I also found this in lj_dev:

So, it looks like stuff might be a bit difficult, at least getting at friend-locked stuff. And it looks like screenscraping (a new term to me) is probably the only way to go to get the rest of it. But, anyway, we'll see what I manage to come up with.

The final chapter???

So, I'm sitting at home, assured that the car will be here between 6 and 7 tonight. I get a call. At 7. From Greg the slaesfuckup. He can't get someone else to go with, so can I give him a ride back. Fine, whatever. He's supposedly leaving right then, so it looks like the car will actually be here in something like 20 minutes.

I am really, really tempted to take the car and drive off without him when he gets here. It would be so easy to do, and it would please the gods of revenge to no end. But I'm really a nice guy. So I'll give him a ride. Unless he tries to talk to me. I've actually got it planned out. He'll talk some shit to me, then I'll tell him to not talk to me. Then he'll try to talk some more shit, and I'll warn him again. Then he'll talk more shit, and I'll pull over the car and make him get the fuck out.

Ah, that felt good. Of course, using up some of this adrenalin would be good. Not too much built up, but some. Maybe a punching bag would be good.
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For your stupidity, I fine you $3

The toll on the Sumner Tunnel went up to $3. How do I know this? Because I missed an unmarked exit on the way back from dropping the idiot off at his car place.

Yes, we have the car. And it seems pretty nice. At least compared to the pieces of shit that I'm used to driving. I called hrafn to let her know it was all over, and she seemed pretty darned relieved.