November 22nd, 2002


3 hours and no work done

But I do have some interesting quotes from my old LiveJournal entries. Here are some, with no comments on why I find them interesting.

I still have my insecurities, but I wouldn't be me without them.

I really doubt anyone will read this, which will be just as well, since I really just need a place to write.

Before we got off the phone, she said, "By the way, we're flying US Air tomorrow, so . . . just in case anything happens." It's still real.

At some point, maybe I'll forget I have an audience and be a little more comfortable putting my own stuff up here.

I wish I could take a nap right now instead of working more.

There are actually only a very small handful of people that I would feel comfortable just calling up on the spur of the moment and seeing if they wanted to get together.

So that's the story of how I narrowly escaped getting a ticket for driving without a license when I had my license with me.

Welcome to Marylnad

Meeting, take 4

i was supposed to have a meeting with the co-worker and our supervisor on Wednesday. "Some time in the early afternoon; I'll call you." Got a voice mail late Wednesday saying that she got caught up in meetings, but how about we try for early afternoon on Thursday. She's got a meeting at 1, maybe after that. Thursday afternoon, no meeting. Voice mail Friday morning saying she got bogged down with meetings and time-sensitive work, but how about we meet at 11:30 at her office. A few minutes before 11:30, she shows up at our cubicles, saying she's got to get some other stuff done before we meet, and she is busy with meetings from 2:00-4:00. So, we're meeting at 1:00 today. Unless, of course, other things come up.

The latest word on the technical fiascos of the project: if they don't get the problems solved by noon today, they are just going to install InDesign on our machines, so that we're all using that instead of having us use InCopy. The main benefit of using the two different programs is that we can work on the same files at the same time, us doing copy changes and them doing design changes. The main drawback of using the two different programs is that we can't seem to get it to work.

So, we'll see what happens.

In which our hero actually does some work

But not real work. I finished up the fake stuff that I had started earlier this week. All of the stuff I've managed to accomplish this week probably could have been done in a day. Probably half of a day, really.

And I supposedly have my meeting in a few minutes, which may or may not actually be considered work.

Let's see, I've managed to write a few LJ entries, but nothing of particular interest or import. I've exchanged some email. I've made some phone calls. I have managed to be uninspired by the Word of the Day. I ate a bagel. I don't really want to face my co-worker in this meeting. I've had a few minutes of interaction with her already today, and it was annoying. This meeting is going to be worse. She's going to spout off about how she's taking a project management class, and how she knows about how projects should be managed, and she'll suggest things that could be done to manage this project better, things that are already being done but she doesn't know about because she's a peon.

Now that I've managed to work myself up, it's time for the meeting.

Emailing Mom

I sent an email to my mother this morning, telling her about recent large events in my life. I just got a very nice email back. I really think my mother understands me in a lot of ways, mostly because she and I are so so so much alike. I found that out last year when we did a lot of talking when we were gathered for Christmas in Maryland.

So, yeah. I don't know what I expected.

Been thinking today about how I use my journal, and if I should use it differently in order to help my future self. I heard something on the radio the other day (or maybe it was on about work starting on a project to put a person's entire life on disc. I guess it's meant to collect email, letters, journals, pictures, video, etc. Anything that someone would want to record about their life. And it's highly searchable. There was some comment about this being like an electronic brain that would never forget anything.

I wonder if I should start putting important email that I get into here, as private entries. That way, I have everything in one place. And, of course, I'll bet that having a private entry with an email in it will spark me to write something about why I included that email.

I wonder if there's a better way to collect all off that information. Something like that project sounds like it would be pretty neat to have. I guess I would just use it for journal entries, email, and digital photographs. (That reminds me, I need to get my camera back, err, our camera, the camera. Anyway, I need to get it back. If someone feels like reminding me at some point, that would be nice.) So, I guess LJ could be a place to organize that. The only drawback is that it's not very searchable, just organized by date. But, still, it's a start. Hmm, maybe I should spend some time thinking about what exactly I would want out of something like this, possibly as a first step in programming something of my own to keep track of stuff.