November 18th, 2002


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I need a nap. I stayed up too late last night, but I'm really glad I did. Still, my body is complaining. Stomach upsetness caused in part by lack of sleep. I went down to the cafeteria and got a bagel and a soy shake, and I think eating will do me good in the long run, but it didn't improve my stomach. Generally high stress level plus little sleep is probably not the best thing to do to my body. But, as I said, I'm really glad I stayed up late last night. I think my stomach is also upset because of apprehension about the future. I really hope everything works out okay.

I wish I could just curl up on my cubicle floor. I'm in a bit of a high traffic area to do that, though. Also, the editorial director told me on Friday that she wanted to see me sometime today, so I suppose it's possible she might drop by my cube instead of calling or emailing. She wants to talk about extending my contract, which is something I've been expecting. I'm not sure how much longer, but the original current contract is through January 31st. I was thinking about asking for more money for the extension, but I just don't feel like dealing with that today.

Gaming tonight. The nominal end time is 10, but it has been known to go a bit later. If I remember, I'm going to let people know that I'm going to be quitting at 10 regardless, since I need to get to sleep to be up way too early tomorrow morning to watch meteors. And then another late night Tuesday night at a concert, although I found out that the band we're primarily going to see is the opening act, so we might be able to make it an earlyish night. I'm not sure if I'll be in the mood for games on Wednesday night, but we'll see. Maybe that will be my night to get some good sleep.

Boring work today, but it's work. I'm done with all of the proofreading for the current batch, and the proofreading is sitting on my boss's desk to look at, so that means I just get to add some attributes to the files. Whee. When I get my proofreading back, I'll be making some copy changes based on those, so I guess that will be okay. But my boss is notoriously ery busy, so I'm not actually expecitng that she'll get to it today. Which is fine, I guess. The one exciting thing is that there appear to be some files missing, so I get to send an email about that.

I was asked last night, "Are you sure you're completely in your right mind?" Yes, I think I am. Lots of changes yesterday, but I really do think they're all for the best. I think I made the right decision for all of them. I guess we'll see how they turn out.

So I was curious

Inkblot Test

I have to say, this was a lot more interesting to take than most online personality tests I've taken. Well, I haven't really taken a lot of them, but that's because they always annoy me so much. They are usually so blak and white, when what I really want to answer is "grey!" This one offered a lot of options, and choosing "none of the above" was usually an option.

My results follow. I don't know if it's got the slant just right, but the general idea seems to be there. Anyone who knows me well care to comment?

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"a hole in the process"

Just got a call from one of the electronic production guys. Apaprently, they can't see the changes we made. This is a problem. This means I'm not doing any more work until it gets fixed.

I do have some other stuff to do, stuff that someone else gave me to do when I had free time from the real project. I don't know how motivated I am to do it, though. Well, no, I do know how motivated I am to do it: not at all. What I don't know is how much that lack of motivation will translate into lack of work. I'll probably work some on it, but I think it's time to take a little walk around the office right now.

Oh yeah

I had forgotten that the other work that I was going to do was taken away from me for a while. They had to do something with it, and I haven't gotten it back yet. And, really there is something I could do for my real project while I'm waiting for the hole to be fixed

Poetry aside

I'm waiting for the hole to be fixed
I'm waiting for the whole to be fixed

Okay, that was dumb. I thought it was going somewhere, but it obviously isn't. Back to my post.

, but I would jsut be recopying stuff onto other stuff, and the recopying time is probably close to about how long it would take me to do the actual thing, so I don't think I'm going to do that. So, really, I don't have much of anything to do. And you know what? I don't feel like going and telling someone so that I'll get more stuff to do. I probably should have just stayed home from work today. But, well, I would have just been sitting at home bored instead of sitting here bored. Or maybe I would have slept for a while, I don't know. I hope I'll be able to sleep well tonight.