November 14th, 2002


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The Bookbuilder thing was okay. Fairly interesting to hear a little bit about how they made the dictionary. We left early, though, since magid was reacting badly to something in the room. Walked from there to Park Street, where I pointed out the building that I had attempted to teleport to. I heard some Moxy Fruvous for the first time, which I really liked. We played four games of Battle Line while listening to the CD, and magid was happy to win two of those and surprised that I didn't need to play a tie-breaker game. I think I mostly didn't because she suggested that I couldn't. And I realized that I could, and that was fine. Then she read some more of Edward Eager's Half Magic to me. It's a children's book, I guess, or young adult or whatever, but it's got an interesting story and some neat ways of phrasing things. A nice book to be read aloud, I think. Especially the sound of magid doing the voice of the cat half-talking.

Today is the car day, when hrafn picks up her new car. I guess I should look into places to take my car. Of course, I hear that the right rear tire (one of the new ones hrafn had put on) keeps going flat. The old tire in that spot kept going flat, but it sounds like this one is doing it a lot faster. I doubt she'll have time to take it back to Sears to get fixed, so I guess I'm just going to put the donut on there for the remaining time I have it. You know, getting rid of the car would have been a lot easier in the spring, since walking places would have been a whole lot easier. Of course, I'll learn to get around when it's cold outside, so that it will be a real treat when spring rolls around. Or something like that.

Building evacuation drill today. Starts at 10, and they say it will be about an hour total. We get to line up at the stairs, then wait for our floor to be called. In the event of a real fire, they would want to evacuate floors based on the danger to them , so it makes sense that we'd wait. But, you know, I really wonder how orderly people would be in a real fire (I keep typing firs). Most likely, there would some people who would panic and try to barge down the stairs, which would cause other people to panic, etc. I wonder if I can get away with bringing a book with me to read during the drill.

Tonight is my last copyediting class. We get back our homework, the only homework she collected. We'll see if I get any useful feedback on it. Probably not, since it was such a short piece. I guess we're reviewing tonight, since last week we talked about getting freelance jobs. Not sure how long the review is going to take. I would not be surprised if we got out early tonight.

May be working on Krayzen style sheet stuff Friday night, if I ever get an email repsonse (hint, hint).

Saturday is Rockapella, who I've only heard on the TV show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. I think it should be fun, although we're going to be far enough away that the person from the theater recommended binoculars.

Fire Drill

Waiting for the signal to line up by the stairwell now. My co-worker:

"So, do we take the elevator down?"

"No, we take the stairs. Didn't you read the email?"

"Yeah, but it didn't say how we got down the stairs."

Oh yeah, right, they forgot to mention that you use the elevator to get down the stairs.

I stand totally amazed.

A sampling from Googlism (

queue is stuck
queue is
queue is dead
queue is taking too long
queue is disabled automatically
queue is created even though i already have one
queue is a load
queue is sensitive to the determination of console usage
queue is always full
queue is registered
queue is public or private
queue is a first
queue is empty
queue is designed to make unused machine cycles available
queue is specified
queue is a "first in first out"
queue is new and does not have 14 days of history
queue is a queue
queue is shuffled
queue is empty but job has not printed
queue is selected
queue is implemented as a linked list of buckets
queue is empty and blocking is not set
queue is to be used by traffic for that connection
queue is automatically saved every approximately 6 minutes
queue is an opaque type
queue is the fifo
queue is still open
queue is no longer needed
queue is currently empty
queue is closed
queue is already enabled

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From an email to a list announcing a group outing in public:

For anyone who doesn't know me, just find the funniest-looking person
and introduce yourself (if that's not me, I won't be far away).

Tips for Teachers

From the math book I'm working on:

You may wish to supply pre-made axes to students who may lack the motor skills to easily manipulate a ruler and draw graphs.

Yes, if you can't manipulate a ruler, here's an axe to chop him up. Ah, I love our language.