November 4th, 2002

worm food

Posts from Thursday

Thursday evening, I emailed myself at work, reminding me of some posts I was going to make. I was out sick on Friday, so I didn't end up making the posts. And I don't really feel like making them right now.

But I guess I'll just put a little bit about them here, since it's something to do:

Walking along the common, staring up at a big building, trying to teleport myself to the top of it. Trying to to push everything else out of my mind, especially the thought of how famous I'd be if I actually were to pull it off. Imagining myself walking along, and then all of a sudden being up on the roof of the building, the sky having opened up, the wind whipping around me. Closing my eyes as I'm walking, imagining that my next step would be on the top of the building. Conclusion: either I don't have the ability to teleport or I wasn't trying hard enough.

Phantom ring
theora showed the rings she wore to dress up for Halloween. After months of not feeling it, the phantom ring came back. I could feel the absence of my ring as a physical presence. I had to fight the urge to move my thumb over to my ring finger in order to twist my ring. Even thinking about it now makes me feel it.

Lawn ornaments
Went to Luther Wright & the Wrongs Thursday night with hrafn. One group costume there of particular note: a pink flamingo, a clamshell Virgin Mary, a gnome with a red pointy hat, and a jockey with a lantern. I saw the flamingo and Mary first and only figured it out when saw the gnome, followed shortly (heh) by the jockey. The guy wearing the flamingo around him was dressed all in black, with a black ski mask. All I could think of was a terrorist trying to disguise himself as a falmingo. Another random Halloween thought: I wonder how many people dressed up as terrorists? I wonder if I would have gotten shot or just arrested if I had strapped some painted dowels onto my chest and stepped onto the T.

Beard free

I shaved my beard off Saturday morning. It was bugging me, so I decided it had to go.

Saturday evening at a Boggle event, I mentioned that I had just shaved my beard. Someone I had never met said that I had a "nice face". When I pulled out various forms of photo identification to show what I looked like with a beard, the same person told me that I looked nice with a beard, too, and that that was not a common thing, for someone to look nice both with and without a beard.

I'm not really used to being complimented on my appearance by people I've just met.

At work today, someone who I've worked a little with before and am working a little with again because my real job still hasn't started commented on my lack of beard and said that it "looks nice".

And, yes, both of these people are female, which really is a nice ego boost. I guess it's a good thing that I have a beard most of the time, otherwise I'd have to be beating them away with sticks.


The program trying to find 5 five-letter words with 25 different letters finally found soem with 23. Previously, the most it had found was 22. Whee. I wonder if I'll find the time to work some more on the algorithm for the program before it finishes up the long way in a couple of months, or whenever it's likely to finish.
worm food

Work and the co-worker

Well, I managed to get through most of the day without seeing the co-worker. But then we had to get actual work. Well, almost. We were told that this was it, we were actually going to start. And the guy came up to show us what to do, and he wasn't the one who had answers to questions of process. He was only there to answer the technical questions. So, I sent an email to my supervisor, and I guess we're waiting until at least tomorrow to get the questions answered and the real work started. We're closer than we've ever been, though. We have actual files. Of course, the number of actual files is pretty small. Our turnaround time should be very quick compared to the people who are supplying the files to us, so I'm not sure if we're going to be busy enough. And I'm really not sure how this project is going to finish on time. I don't get invited to the planning-type meetings for this project, and no one has seen fit to fill me in. Any time I ask about the end of the project, I've just heard that the end date is not changing. Well, if the end date is not changing, then there is going to be less done than was originally scheduled to be done, because we're already more than two weeks late, and the original schedule already had the last two chapters two weeks late.

Oh well, I get paid the same regardless of how fucked up this project is. I'm really looking forward to February 1st, though.

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