October 28th, 2002


Article, rain, and apples

I managed to get some more work done on my article on Sunday morning. I have about 1100 words written total, and I've decided that I'm going to put most everything into one article. The one thing that I'm going to leave for a possible future article is the building of the dictionary, or at least the part of the building of the dictionary that used the Net::Dict module. I need some sort of conclusion and then an abstract, and I think I'll be able to call it a first draft. well, that and some rereading and potential rewriting of the stuff I already have written. So, it looks good to have this first draft done to send in on Wednesday. I may work on it in bits before then, but we'll see. Gaming tonight, class tomorrow, and I might stop by a gaming event tomorrow after class, although I'm not decided, since I'll be getting there something like two hours after it starts.

Saturday was the rain day. Not the best day for driving on the highway and walking around in a scuplture park, but that's what happened. A couple adrenaline-boosting moments of hydroplaning on the highway, then a couple of hours tromping around DeCordova in the rain. I was glad that I had decided to wear my combat boots, since the ground had a lot of water on it. My feet stayed nice and dry, which is more than I can say for some of my clothing, since my umbrella couldn't cover everything. I've been to DeCordova quite a few times, now, and I still really enjoy going back. I enjoy showing it to people for the first time. And I also enjoy seeing some of my old favorites, as well as seeing the new stuff. Some of the sculptures were noticeably absent, including the chicken with the Big Boy head. The Pine Sharks were still there, though. Sushi at Jae's, and then a nice evening of Boggle and book-sharing.

Sunday was nicer weather, and I took advantage of it by being dragged to pick apples. It ended up being really nice, and I came home with 57 apples for $15. Four of the apples turned into applesauce for dinner last night, my first experience with fresh applesauce. Just apples, water, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The recipe called for added sugar, but I'm glad I followed magid's advice and didn't add any sugar.

I also made something that was supposed to be tandoori chicken. The recipe I found called for yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, ginger powder, red chile powder, and garam masala. I didn't have any garam masala, and I was too lazy to look up what exactly was in it, so I made up a mixture of spices. My tandoori chicken had soy yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, ginger powder, garlic powder, garlic granules, chili powder, cayenne, cumin, coriander, clove powder, turmeric, salt, and pepper. I cut some slices into the chicken and then spread the mixture on it and marinated it for an hour or so. It was supposed to cook for 1/2 hour covered and an hour uncovered, but I had to keep it covered the whole time in order to keep it kosher. It turned out really well, very juicy. I'll have to do it again with rice, so there's something to do with the sauce. Actually, hrafn made rice later that night, but she left it out overnight, so I was afraid to take some with me to work today. I did take some leftover chicken, though.

And, yay, two cooking things I can put in the Compendium for this month. And i think I should be able to put my article draft in there as well. So, maybe this won't be as small a Compendium this month as I originally thought.

More Dilbert at work

I found a second Dilbert posted at work. The first was the paper trolls one appropriately posted by the copy machine. The second is the Nerdvana one, appropriately posted by the tech center.


It's been a long time since I've just eaten a plain apple. I brought one of the ones I picked yesterday to work with me today and ate it this morning. It was really good. I had forgotten how nice it can be to eat a nice, sweet apple. The ones i picked on Sunday were all Cortland apples, so I think I might have to start looking for that variety.

WESUN Puzzle

I solved the current WESUN Puzzle with some Perl programming. Whee. And this time, I actually sent in an answer. Last week, I got the answer but didn't send it in, and then saw that they got only 150 correct responses.

This week's puzzle:
The word EFFERVESCENCE is unusual because E's are spaced out in it. It has 13 letters, and E's appear in positions 1-4-7-13. Now, think a familiar two-word phrase in 15 letters, in which the letter R appears in positions 1-4-8-12-15. These are the only R's that appear in them. What word is it?

Broked cars x 2

hrafn's car has 2 cylinders with no compression. They're going to open it up tomorrow to look at it and see what the deal is. I'm betting it's a dead car. It's a piece of shit and deserves to die, but the timing is inconvenient.


My car has a leak in the brake line. hrafn had no problems with it this morning, but the brakes were almost gone this afternoon when she came to pick me up at the T stop. I took over driving and managed to get it to the auto parts store just down the hill from our house without crashing into anyone. After consulting the owner's manual, I put some brake fluid in it. Still no brakes. Called zzbottom, since he knows about cars, at least more than either of us does. He said to try pumping the brakes and seeing if the fluid level went down or if it was leaking. I had hrafn pump the brakes, and I saw fluid gushing out. So, a leak in the brake line. I guess I'm going to repark it, since I don't want to leave it in the lot overnight. And then I guess I'll get it towed in tomorrow. Really fucking inconvenient timing.

One okay thing is that both of our jobs are T-able. However, we have to either walk quite a ways or take a bus to the T stop near us, and I've never taken the buses around here, don't know which one I need to take, how to figure out where it goes. I know, I can just get on the MBTA Web site, but that's just a pain in the ass I don't want to deal with right now.

I put a call into treacle_well's voice mail, so I hope thatw e can get a ride to gaming tonight. If she's not driving, then I suppose we can probably have majes swing by at pick us up, but that will probably be considerably inconvenient, since he's cooking dinner tonight. Blech, maybe we'll just take the fucking bus.