October 17th, 2002


Game night

Went to Mostly Looney Game Night last night. I played two games of Gnostica. I really like playing Gnostica. I had meant to bring Icehouse pieces and a tarot deck in to work so that I could possibly play at lunch, but I forgot. Oh well, at least I have Battle Line. I think the Battle Line programming project is going to have to be put on hold for now. My three main projects right now are copyediting for Krayzen, writing an article for The Perl Review, and publishing some Jotto puzzles. These are all projects that I actually think I will get done sometime in the near future.

I heard from a friend who is also doing work for them that the people at New Genre were singing my praises when she met with them. That made me feel pretty good. It was work I really enjoyed doing, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the issue finally come out, which I guess is sometime early November. It probably won't be too long before there's more editing to do for them, so that will be cool, too. I'll probably be done with my classes by then, so there should be a bit more time for that.

I asked for some more work yesterday before I left, and I found some work waiting for me on my chair when I got here. I get to write a couple of chapter tests that are similar to the ones in the book but that use different numbers/situations, so that they can be used for field tests. Easy, completeable, not-too-boring work. Cool. Of course, I also got an email from the co-worker. It looks like we're going to have to work together on some stuff we both did yesterday. Blah. Real work is supposed to start later today, but I'm not looking forward with more probable contact with the co-worker because of it.

The work that wasn't

I was under the impression that we'd be starting actual work today. It turns out that the demo of InCopy was just that. "Here are some things you can do with InCopy." No actual productive work. So, it looks like we wait until tomorrow at the earliest.

At least I have enough other work to keep me not completely idle today.