October 11th, 2002



I had a pretty interesting dream last night, with a decent plot and some tension, something that might make a decent movie if I could remember it.

Anyway, one part of the dream I do remember was me being in some class, and then for some reason we had to go change into other shirts. It was left up to us what to change into, and it was a matter of some sort of self-expression or something. I'm not clear on the details. Anyway, I had two similar shirts, and I was deciding if I were feeling daring enough to wear one of them, sicne there were apparently some religious types in the class. Anyway, the image on the shirts was a picture of a crucifix, except that Jesus had something like ten arms on each side, all fanned out, all nailed through the palms.

I tried searching for something like that online, but a quick search only turned up Collapse ), which I think is pretty funny. Any artistic people out there willing to draw me a twenty-armed Jesus?


I wonder exactly how we recognize people.

Last night, I recognized someone I had only met twice before, and I recognized her when she was too far away for me to really pick out any details. But my brain somehow knew for certain who it was less than a second after seeing her. It almost came at the same time as the knowledge that I was seeing someone. Something to do with an overall impression of shape/color/movement, or something.

Pretty neat.

I'll be majes knows something about this. It seems to be the kind of knowledge he would have.