September 28th, 2002


Every Body's Word Game

Thanks to scrounging by hrafn at her parents' place, we now have a copy of Body Boggle. I just skimmed the rules, and it seems pretty neat. A team has two players ("Movers") on the board at a time. They spell out the word together, and they can use each other for support. And, hey, this is a version of Boggle that is Shabbos-friendly!
pink vader

Queue and the Satr-Fruit Quest

The Stop & Shop in Malden didn't have any. The Star/Shaw's off of Rt. 16 in Medford(?) had a spot for them, but they were all out (even in the back; I asked). I guess I'll try to Star/Shaw's at Porter next, then maybe the Market Basket in Somerville.

Since Stop & Shop didn't have any star fruit, I got some black plums and a couple of Ugli fruit (tangelo). So, I think I'll make a small batch each of plum jam (with maybe some ginger?) and Ugli marmalade. I'll probably do those later this afternoon/evening.

I will take requests in advance for plum jam and Ugli marmalade. I will also take requests for the star-fruit jam, but I don't know when I'll be able to find any.


In working on my dictionary for Jotto, I discovered that the fourth edition of the American Heritage Dictionary has both login and logon defined, both as nouns.

"The process of identifying oneself to a computer, usually by entering one's username and password."

I guess the verb forms are supposed to be separate words? Anyway, I find it neat that they made it into the dictionary. For some reason, seeing lists of newly-added words to dictionaries is always neat.
pink vader

The triumphant hunter

I successfully tracked the star fruit back to its nest at Star Market in Porter. I misread the sign as 79 cents per pound instead of 79 cents per each. More expensive than most fruit its size, but not outrageously so. Here's hoping the jam with it turns out okay. I think I'll at least do the plum tonight, and maybe the Ugli if I have the motivation. Then probably star fruit tomorrow, or possibly tonight if there is an abundance of motivation.