September 18th, 2002



Yes, this is something I'm never going to do, but I thought I'd spend some time thinking about it anyway:

Say I wanted to start collecting money and distributing it to schools that have lost federal money because they chose not to install filtering software on their computers. Does anyone know what all I'd have to do to do that? Could I just start doing it? Would I need to seek tax-exempt status? Or, is there already a group doing this?

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So, we were supposed to look at this list of . . . umm . . . I guess you'd call them standards, and we were supposed to come up with a list of comments and questions for the company that come up with this list (a sister company under Houghton Mifflin, not that that makes any difference to this story). Anyway, these are math-content things. So, my co-worker comes up with a list of things she says "have the same meaning". I'm sure I'll find a lot more stupidities (I'm just starting in on her list), but here's one.

She claims that the following have the same meaning:
Use Symbols to Solve Equations
Use Equations to Solve Problems

Umm, what? Hello? I think I need to go read some more of that cow-orker log to convince myself that some people have it worse than I.

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Do you think you could tell the difference between the printout of an email and a photocopy of a fax? What if the fax photocopy was tilted on the first page, so you could see some of the black coming through? How about if the first page of the fax is obviously on letterhead?

Gah. There was a question in some document referring to "Autumn's email". There is this thing that Autumn sent that is a fax of some manuscript pages. The co-worker, thinking she knew what she was talking about, sent out an email in response to the question. Then, when I explained it to her, she sent out an email saying that she didn't know what she was talking about.

I think one of the things that bugs me about her is that she doesn't have enough of a clue of what's going on to differentiate between things that she's supposed to deal with and things other people are supposed to deal with. It's like she figures she'd better voice an opinion if it sounds like one is called for, even if she has absolutely no basis for being able to have an opinion about the subject. Gah.

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Since hrafn complained this morning that I don't mock a large enough variety of religions, I am going to mock the religion that I grew up in (or, at least a near-relative of it. It's difficult to differentiate different strands of Christianity).

I don't think anything I could say could add to this, so I'm just going to post it. I won't be cruel enough to actually give you the URL I got this from, that one of my relatives sent me. Just visualize gold text on a light blue background, gentle music, and patriotic images.

No, wait, I can't resist: God causes traffic delays! The next time you're stuck in traffic, say "Thank God! He must be working His magic in the world today and helping someone out." Okay, onto the crap.

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pink vader

Yay me

Free dairy leftovers at work, and I managed to pass them up. Of course, having free non-dairy leftovers helped. I think it's been quite a while since I last had dairy, like maybe at least a week. Of course, I haven't been as good at eliminating other of my allergens/stomach upsetters (he says while eating spaghetti with tomato sauce).

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Okay, I've managed to waste enough time that it's not worth trying to really find something to do, so I think I'll just play around with InCopy until it's time to leave. This is the software I'll be using to insert XML tags into documents. Whee.

BTW, it can output stuff in PDF, so if anyone needs a resume PDFed or anything, let me know.