September 16th, 2002


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I bought Heroes of Might & Magic IV last night, intending to spend the evening alone playing it. Instead, I spent the evening alone trying to install it. I did everything they suggested: cleaning the CD, freeing up more memory (I have plenty), futzing with the CD drive settings, and defragmenting the drive. And it still won't install. So, I guess I'm going to have to take it back and exchange it. I can't see a scratch on the disc, but there's gotta be one there somewhere.

The one good thing about not getting the game to install was that I managed to get some things done: cleaned up the rest of the jam dishes, read some, and finally made up a large batch of mashed potatoes for to take to lunch with me.

I had dreams last night that had to do with the current series I'm reading. It's the Recluce series by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. It's mainly about the balance (or lack thereof) between chaos and order. So, in my dreams, I was doing something to try to maintain the balance. I started reading this series a while ago, and I forget how far I got. I decided to start over, and I'm enjoying it. Each book in the 11-book series is a separate story. It jumps around in time a total of about 1,800 years, so the series is really about the balance, not the individual people. I have the first 8 books in paperback, so I think I will hunt for the rest later. Of course, I'm only ont he 2nd book now, and I'm sure it will take me a while to get through what I have. At least I'm managing to get in some reading time on the T.

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Internet an Integral Part of College Life

Umm, is this news? I mean, the internet was becoming an integral part of college life almost 10 years ago now when I started college, and it certainly was an integral part of college life when I left school 5 years ago. Well, I guess grant money has to go somewhere; it might as well go to someone who can't get a job because all he does is study things that have been obvious for years.

Phone triumph

When someone has called my work phone, it's been giving a little ring and then just going to voice mail. So, I decided that I should probably call someone and ask about it. I decided to flip through the section of the "wlecome kit" that has various things about the phones and voice mail. I found a little memo that told me how to activate and deactivate sending calls directly to voice mail. So I deactivated it. I walked over and asked my co-worker to call my phone. I told her my extension. In the 4 seconds between hearing the (4-digit) extension and attempting to dial it, she apparently misremembered it. Anyway, she called; it worked.

When I first got here, my phone was set up for whoever was last here, and apparently someone had gotten tired of the phone ringing and set it to go directly to voice mail. Yes, you don't need a password to do that. You just pick up the phone and hit *3. That would be a fun thing to do to all of the phones late some night.

Science conversations

My cube is right in the middle of a bunch of science editorial people. Occasionally, I get to overhear them discussing some scientific point having to do with (apparently) what some outside writer has written and sent in. It's neat to hear people geeking about something that I wouldn't necessarily be able to geek with them about but that I can follow enough to enjoy.

My badge

My badge for work now has me sporting bunny ears. Following a conversation at lunch, I appropriated some printer labels, scissors, and a pink highlighter. Some careful cutting and coloring produced a decent, if unmatched, pair of bunny ears. I wonder if anyone will notice.