September 9th, 2002


One of my less distrubing dreams last night

So, I'm playing a Jotto game with magid. She sent her last guess over email, and she told me what the score for my last word was. "whips" had 4, and "ships" had 3. So, for some reason, I was thinking that the four letters had to be "spiw". I'm not sure why, other than tiredness, I thought that, since there are three other letter combinations it could have been. So, anyway, that was the real part. And I spent some time trying to come up with a word it could be before going to sleep. However, with the letters I had left, I couldn't find any.

So, in the dream, it was hrafn I was playing Jotto with, and these were the four letters it came down to. I just couldn't think of the word. I made another guess, and then hrafn said something like, "Now this is where the 80% comes in." Basically, she meant there was some ambiguity in the scoring. I got upset, telling her that you couldn't play that way, that you had to be able to determine the score from the guess. She kept saying, "It's a word you know." Finally, she agreed to tell me the word. But she told me as she showed me what it was. She had made this milky white dessert in a saucepan. And just as she showed me the dessert, she told me the word was "pwism". "Like jism," she said, "only it's a dessert." Yes, it was a dessert that looked like semen. It was sweet, but, still, it looked like semen. I told her there was no way I would eat a dessert that looked like that, I didn't care what it tasted like. Then I found out how she had done the scoring. If the guess had an "y" in it, then she would score the "i". If it didn't, then she wouldn't score the "i". So, basically, for the "i" to score, the word had to have both an "i" and a "y" in it.

I had at least two other dreams last night, both of them fairly disturbing. So, I was lying in bed awake this morning, having woken up from my latest dream at 5:40. I was thinking about my jotto game, since I was thinking about my Jotto dream. It occurred to me that I didn't know that it was "spiw". It could just as easily be any of "whip", "whis", and "whps". I eliminated "whps", since, without an "i", there couldn't be another vowel. And I eliminated "whip", since I couldn't think of any words it could be with the letters that were left. So, that left "whis". I finally hit on the fact that it was probably "whi_s". Them I realized that that combination still left me "plump" with a score of 1 to deal with. I knew it couldn't be the "u" or the "l", so that left the "m". So, I got a word that works: "whims". I'm thinking that it's the word, but we'll see.

Of course, the dream leads to a very bizarre variation of Jotto. So, not only do you have a secret word, but you have a secret rule for how you are scoring guesses. Sort of a combination between Jotto and Zendo. That's pretty fucked up. Seriously. Of course, to make it playable at all, you'd probably have to restrict the rules to a certain class, like only rules like I had in my dream: "only score a if the word also has b". Or something like that. Hmm, I might have to think about this soem more. Anyone willing to try out a playtest of it? Of course, maybe I should try it out with the computer first. It would be easy enough to change its scoring algorithm to accomodate the rule thing. Hmm.

Stupid fucking alarm

So, we have locked doors on each floor just outside the elevators, so that, even if you manage to get to the elevators, there are only a limited number of floors you can get to. So, you swipe your badge, and then you open the door and go in. There's a little sign that says something about an alarm going off if the door is left open too long. Well, it happened on Friday, and it just happened now. It's a really annoying high-pitched whine. It's not too bad at first, but it gets really fucking annoying as it goes on and on and on. Stupid fucking people holding the doors for people and shit like that.


Received this on email today. That would be pretty funny if the company got sold and the new owners decided to cut costs by getting rid of certain pilot projects.

Dear all,

All of the Vivendi Universal's businesses have been subject to persistent rumors with regards to possible disposals. They have all had their fair amount of press coverage. These assets being attractive, interest has been shown and the group has received unsolicited offers.

You have no doubt read about the current rumors concerning the sale of Vivendi Universal Publishing as a whole. To respect the group's strategy not to comment before September 25, date of the next board of directors meeting, no comments will be made by VUP. I'm sure you understand that any information provided could create a lot of controversy and impact the entire VU group. This really needs to be avoided.

I therefore ask you to trust your management. I appreciate these times of uncertainty are difficult for everyone of you and I will of course keep you informed as soon as possible.

With all my free time

Someone in the office sent out an email asking for a few hours of volunteer help this week. So, I volunteered. I'll be proofreading the 2002-2003 directory for the BookBuilders of Boston. I figure since I use their job site all the time, I could do a few hours. Plus, I get my name in the directory. Ooooh! Aaaah! Anyway, I figured it would be some more experience (even if only a tiny bit) and an opportunity to get to know more people (or at least one person) without having to do anything social. So, the manuscript is supposed to come in tomorrow, and it needs to get done by Friday. It should only be a couple of hours, maybe even less. And maybe it'll gte me to get my butt in gear and do some other editing that I need to do, stuff that will take substantially more than a couple of hours. I just hope my character doesn't get doubly punished tonight for me winning at Boggle and not getting started on that editing yet.