September 5th, 2002

worm food

I'm fucking brilliant

So, I thought I was being all efficient and stuff by making my lunch last night and putting it in the refrigerator. I congratulated myself this morning as I was eating breakfast. "I'm eating breakfast, AND I've got lunch taken care of." I'm doing some reading on the T (after having gotten off at North Station because I mistakenly thought that, when the conductor said "Change here for the green line," I could actually get to the green line), and I go to put my book away when I get close to my stop. Wow, my bag is empty. Why is it this empty. Oh, no lunch.
pink vader

Hot hot hot

I made two kinds of jam last night: crimson grape and hot pepper. The grape doesn't seem to have solidified, so I think I might try to find some alternate use for it. The hot pepper gelled up nicely, though. The recipe from the pectin container called for apple cider vinegar with it. I didn't have any, so I used red wine vinegar instead. I haven't tasted it yet, but, if it's good, I think I will try to make a full-sized batch and actually can it. Would anyone be interested in receiving a jar of hot pepper jam if and when I actually do this?


They hired two people for the job that I'm doing, so I have a co-worker doing the same thing I'm doing. And she's pretty dumb. She's ignorant, too, but the main thing is that she's dumb. We had just talked yesterday about how we were going to be doing this initial stuff in two different ways, so that we could see how each way worked. She even brought it up in the meeting with our supervisor yesterday (in a way that was saying "I've got good ideas, look at me," but in a really annoying, got-to-prove-that-I'm-not-dumb, I-want-to-say-something-so-it-looks-like-I-know-what-I'm-doing kind of way, which is another reason I don't like her). So, just now, she comes in and asks me a question, and thta question demonstrated complete lack of knowledge about what we had just talked about yesterday. And she's done other dumb things. And she tries to talk to me.

Granted, it must be hard for her to be her. I just wish I didn't have to deal with her. It makes me pine for some of my more competent co-workers at Prentice Hall. The good thing is that it looks like there's a good possibility that, once the initial phase is over, we will be able to work separately, but it's not entirely clear yet.

Violent thoughts

I notice myself having some particularly violent thoughts yesterday. One was while walking from work to Park Street. Some guy was sitting on a bench with a little poodle-type dog with a little purple ribbon in its hair. I had the thought of me saying some kind of nasty remark about the ribbon, and then picking up the dog and throwing it on the ground, or breaking its neck, because I thought I could probably do it before he could react to it. Now, I want to make clear that I never actually intended to do that, and I never would do anything like that. Still, it was slightly disturbing to have had that thought. I'd had some kind of violent thought earlier in the day, but I forget now what it was.

I wonder if it's the stress of starting up work again, not having any free time. Or maybe reading these violent books (Robin Hobb) is having some kind of effect? No clue.

Time off

So it looks like time off and making time up will be handled informally. So, I can work extra hours before or after taking a day off in order to make up that day. I can take time off without making it up (and therefore not being paid for it (there are no benefits at all with this position)), but that is supposedly a pretty big administrative nuisance. Better to just make up the time whenever and let the paychecks just keep rolling.

I'm happy with this. I'm also happy that my supervisor got back with me today when I ahd sent the email yesterday. I've had to wait quite a while to get some questions answered at Prentice Hall, and sometimes a question would go unanswered until I asked it again.

So, I think I might try working some extra hours. Maybe not today, since I actually have a whole evening to myself with nothing else to do (well, I should clean the kitchen and my bedroom, but those are home things, which aren't the same as going out things). Maybe tomorrow, since I already have something going on in the evening. Depending on when I manage to make it in here, I could possibly get something like 3 extra hours in. That would be cool.