August 17th, 2002


I should be productive

I should be using this time productively. I'm at zzbottom's place, watching the dog for the weekend. I've got his computer, and I've got stuff to write with. I got up at 6:30 to take the dog outside for a walk. It's pleasant out right now. There's an estate sale today on the grounds of the house. I guess one of the board members owns an antique business, and they sometimes hold sales here. The thing doesn't start until 9, but people were out when I was walking the dog, setting up. Speaking of the dog, I think I'm a bit allergic, but apparently not as much as to cats. But it's still a bit annoying. I'm glad to help friends out, but I'll be glad when they get back. It'll help that I'll spend most of this afternoon playing games somewhere else.

So, productivity. I downloaded PuTTY, so that I can telnet to the computer that I write Perl on, if I want to. I've still got to whip my 6-letter dictionary into shape, and I want to take another crack at a Jotto AI. I also want to start trying to do some Boggle stuff. I was thinking maybe I could make a web page whereby I could play Boggle with someone as long as we both had a computer handy. Basically, I would assign a number to every possible Boggle board. It would be some huge number, but that wouldn't mater. The web page would let you either play a random board or let you enter in a board number. So, one person could get a random board, tell it to the other person, and the other person could enter in that board number. This is a simple, low-tech way of doing long-distance Boggle.

But I probably won't do any programming right now, since hrafn is asleep next to me. I just can't feel productive with other people around. Blargh. I suppose I could try. Of course, the reference stuff I need to do the Jotto programming is in my home email. I guess I won't do that. Too bad there aren't headphones here, otherwise I could watch The Simpsons on the computer without disturbing her. Hmm, maybe there are headphones somewhere around. Time to scrounge around.


So, it appears my allergies are worse than I had thought. This evening has been pretty terrible, with throat, eye, and nose problems. So, I decided I had to sleep at my own place tomorrow. Which means getting up early to drive to JP to walk to dog. I'm not sure if I even want to hang out there in between when I need to walk him (3 times per day), so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Blah.