August 10th, 2002


Jotto stats, part 5

Well, it finished. Final average for the smart AI was 8.385, with a standard deviation of about 2.39. I'm not sure how significant a difference this is given the sample size. And maybe I need to sit down and think more about my algorithm. Sometime when I have more time, I may talk about the algorithm here. Better yet is to discuss it in person. So, if you are mathematically inclined, or you dig algorithms, ask me about it in person.

So, I may leave the Jotto stuff for now, other than to possibly have some more tests running in the background as I do other stuff. Now I have to decide on a next Perl project. I was thinking possibly something with graphics, maybe something with some real-time ray tracing (as long as I can get permission to do that on the computer I'm doing Perl stuff on). Or I might just try to do some other sort of game, and see what sorts of things I end up learning from that.

Anyone have any game suggestions?