August 9th, 2002



I spent part of yesterday evening in Harvard Square. I met hrafn for dinner before her drawing class, and then I wandered for a bit. Went to Pandemonium to check out their new layout, which was cool. I valiantly resisted the temptation to buy books. I saw the storekeepers discussing a game called Settlers of Canaan (I shit you not), which is apaprently a Hebrew-themed game with the mechanics of Settlers of Catan. I was going to find a place to sit and finish reading Assassin's Apprentic, when I passed by the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and noticed that their fall course booklets were out. So I sat down and read through it, deciding to sign up for a copyediting course, Thursdays from 5:45 to 7:45, starting September 26. I'm looking forward to it. Then I read some more on my book, walked with hrafn back to my car, watered magid's plants again (yay, they're not dead), and went home. Found out that hrafn had secretly ordered the second season DVD of The Simpsons for me. Way cool. So we watched an episode, then I watched an episode (briefly interrupted by a very nice phone call), then I finished reading my book, then I went to sleep.

On the ride home, we had a good talk, about a lot of things. One of the things, though, was my realization that I've been feeling pretty darned good about myself lately. I like that I'm being productive. I like that I was able to quit my job without feeling all down on myself for quitting. I like that I was able to find another interesting job right away. I like that I signed up for a class. And I also like that I'm doing things to control my outbursts of anger, with lots of help from the people around me. I truly like who I am, which isn't something I've always been able to say, and I truly feel proud of the things I'm accomplishing, which certainly isn't something I've always been able to say.