August 7th, 2002


No, I'm not dead

I ended up taking a nap today instead of heading to the Diesel. I had stayed up late programming and reading, and then I got up early for some reason that now escapes me, probably to do more programming. So, I went up to my room to read for a bit before going to the Diesel, and it was just so nice. Cool. Sound of the breeze in the tree(ze). Bright. One small patch of sunlight coming in the window at just the right place for my feet. I could actually put the sheet on and be comfortable. It was so nice. It took me right to sleep, before I had even read a chapter. Yum. Woke up sometime like 3:30 or so. By the time I checked email and such, I wouldn't have enough time to get to the Diesel before I had to do veggie pickup (I'll post about that tomorrow) for the vacationing magid, and then remembered plant-watering, which was necessary since the promised rain never came on Monday. Then home for a bit, a little more programming, then off to game night where I played two new games, both by the same designer. Lord of the Rings and Battle Line, both excellent games. Time to send off one last email and go up to read and fall asleep.

The testing has begun

Well, I finally worked out the last bugs in my dumb AI separated into a module, so I am now starting testing. I am now a little more than an hour into what I estimate will be a six-hour test. I am picking 1000 random words from the dictionary and having the dumb AI play each one, with the word and number of tries being recorded in a log file. I'll do the same thing with the smart AI next. Then I'll compare the lists. Yes, I probably should do a complete test, finding averages for each word in my dictionary for both AIs, but that would take a long time, considering there are almost 6000 words in my dictionary. Of course, I could use the pared-down dictionary, but we're still talking 3000 words, several times each. And the dumb AI doesn't take very long. The smart AI is probably going to take more than a day to run the same program, maybe several days. Maybe I should do its first trials with very low threshholds, so it doesn't turn on until the dictionary size is down to 200. That won't take much longer than the dumb AI. So, yeah, we'll see.

So, I plan on taking the numbers and finding the average and standard deviation of the number of tries for each AI. Maybe use this data to figure out graphics programming and put out some nice-looking graphs.

Vegetable bounty, week 9, for magid

A box and a bag. No one asked me who I was. I'll have to add this to the list of places I could get food if I were homeless, hungry, and desperate.

3 green peppers
2 hot peppers (1 green (Anaheim?) and 1 red (cayenne or related))
1 bunch Romaine lettuce
1 bunch arugula
7 tomatoes (2 yellow, 2 dark red/green, 2 red, 1 orange)
1 pattypan squash
1 bunch autumn poem (some variety of asian green)
12 onions, varying sizes
18 carrots (one of which is a mutant that looks like 3 carrots joined together)
2 large purple eggplants
1 zucchini

Jotto stats, part 1

The easy part:
The dumb AI has an average score of 8.291 for 1000 random words from my large dictionary. The standard deviation of the scores is about 2.15.

The hard part:
We're now waiting on the smart AI to go. It's going to be hard to predict its time, since the AI kicks in when the dictionary size goes below 1000, and the first number below 1000 could be 900, and the first number below 1000 could be 200, and those are vastly different times. I'll feel confident making an estime when I get home tonight, once it's had 8 or 9 hours to run.

Jotto stats, part 2

With 45 words complete in about 2.5 hours, the current estimate is a total of around 56 hours for the 1000 words. Early stats give an average of around 8.38 with a standard deviation around 3.2. But that's with only 45 words, so we'll see how it averages out with more words.