July 25th, 2002

pink vader


At our department meeting yesterday, the department head (Big Boss) announced that Blake and I would be leaving. Blake's last day is tomorrow, and he's going to graduate school in Virginia. My last day is Wednesday, and I'm just going. After saying how much he appreciated our efforts (and it really seemed sincere, which was nice), he said that we would be celebrating with pizza at lunch today. Pretty cool. Probably has something to do with the fact that two of us are leaving at the same time. I wonder if they would have done anything if I were the only one leaving.

So, with two of us leaving, plus a third person possibly leaving in September due to there not being any staff positions available and her two years as a temporary worker being up, they're going to be in pretty big trouble, I think. They're already behind schedule and scrambling to get stuff done. Now they're losing two, maybe three people, and they're all on the same book (we're doing a three-book series, two being done here, one being done in Chicago). I heard that they're going to be transferring a person or two off of the other book here to work on this book, since this book is the "sampler book" for the series, which means it needs to be done first. They're going to hire more people, and they're not going to train those people well, just like they didn't train any of the people who started in the past year well. I was talking with the art buyer, and she has a couple of hell chapters from people in my department, people who just don't know what they're doing. I feel bad that this is going to make things harder for some of the people here that I actually like, but I just can't stay in an environment like this.

I picked up Ship of Destiny again a couple of days ago. I will finish this series. It's a really good book, and I can't wait to find out what happens. Maybe reading it now is a really good thing. If I get it mostly done with while I'm still employed, I won't spend my unemployed time just reading it. I don't just plow through a lot of books very quickly, like some people I know, but I do tend to really spend a lot of time reading one particular book or series. Lucky for me that this is the last book in a trilogy.

I think I'm going to really need to focus on spending my time productively when I'm unemployed. If I'm to do that, I think I'm going to need a sch*dule, or at least a list of things that I want to get done every day, or every week. I was going to say that I probably won't stick to it, but I should start practicing what I preach. I need to believe that I can do this stuff, and, even if I don't believe it, I need to say that I do, convince myself of it, and that should lead to it becoming true. So, I will make a list, possibly even a schedule. I will stick to it. I will accomplish something every day when I am unemployed.

In order to feel productive, I need to write something, work on a web page, work on a program, clean/organize the house, cook something for other people, get some exercise. Any combination of these things makes me feel productive. I know that other people feel productive when they do other things, like reading, but that just feels lazy to me. I need to do, not absorb. So, maybe I should make up a general list of the things in the first sentence of this paragraph, plus anything else that comes to mind. Then make up more specific lists each week of things that fall into that category. Maybe track the things I do by that caegory. There's an idea. I should try to at least write a few words about everything I do every day I'm unemployed. Even if it's as simple as "ate breakfast, watched TV, took a nap" or whatever. Hmm.