June 25th, 2002



So, the Big Boss wanted to talk to me this morning, to find out where things stand. Since I still haven't heard back from O'Reilly about the second interview, even after leaving a voicemail message yesterday afternoon with my interviewer, I have to assume that I'm not going to hear back from them. So I told the Big Boss that I would stay here for another month (end of July). I also told him that, within 3 weeks, I should be able to tell him if I'm going to be done here at the end of July, or if I will commit to another 3 months or so, since extending me month-by-month isn't really a long-term option. I figure that, in 3 weeks, I will have heard back from the several places I sent in resumes or not, and I will have scoped out some other job leads, so I should have a good idea then if I'm likely to be able to get another job soon.

And, really, this job will become more tolerable once I get the first edit for this chapter out. Then I can move back into editing stuff that's already done, which is the stuff I like more. Not sure what exactly I'll be doing once this first edit goes out, but I'm sure I'll be working on the final edit of it before too long. Let's see if I can get this edit out before the end of the week, or at least before I leave for Origins.