June 11th, 2002



I was going to post something, and then I checked my friendsfriends page, and now I've forgotten what I was going to post.

Oh yeah, I was going to post about role playing. We started making up characters last night. Things won't get really fleshed out until the GM works our characters together and comes up with a story, but for now, my character is best described as a psychic baker.

Damn, I forgot to bring my character with me. I need to round out a few more things and then email it to the GM so he can have things ready by next week. I wonder if I should stop at home at some point tonight, or if I should just worry about it tomorrow.

Blergh. I hadn't realized how quickly some things had changed until it was pointed out to me last night. I've got some ideas why this has happened, but I guess I'm just a little surprised that I didn't notice. I mean, I was aware of how I felt, but it just didn't strike me that it was something that was happening rather quickly. And, last night I came to the realization for the first time that my way of processing things quickly has actually caused me more harm than good, since other people in my life don't seem to run at the same pace I do. There is a change, I react, and then I get frutrated and anxious and whatever when other people don't react as quickly.


I saw another entry-level editorial job posted on Monster.com yesterday, so I applied for it. It's in Newton, and it's for some company that does lots of B2B publications and web sites and such. I noticed that one of their publications is Variety, but they do all sorts of industries. The division that this job is in is called "Modern Materials Handling", whatever that means. The neat aspects of the job include researching and writing news and short features. I really would like to get a broad base in all sorts of aspects of publishing, so that I can see all the options of what it is I really want to do, and so that I can do lots of different things.

I would still much rather work for O'Reilly, but I should be taking steps to find a job in case the one for O'Reilly doesn't pan out.

There seems to have been several entry-level editorial-type jobs I've seen recently. I wonder if this is just an anomalous spike, or if it is reflective of a trend of better employment opportunities.


Things I don't need to hear about in the office include one side of a phone conversation talking about problems with your glands and something on your nose.

That's why people like you have offices with doors. Close your fucking door.
pink vader


It's taking a lot longer than I had estimated to get this chapter out. I had forgotten about all the changes that still need to be made based on comments, and I had also severely underestimated the amount of time it would take to spec all of this technical art. I'm already sick of drawing triangles.

I had said at one point that I would get this done by Wednesday, but I don't think it will all get done until the end of next week, since I'm out for a camping trip Thursday and Friday. Oh well. It takes as long as it takes.