June 8th, 2002


Baby got broadband

Yay, so broadband was installed today, and ahead of schedule. The guy called something like 4.5 hours early and said he was running ahead of schedule, and would I mind if he came by earlier. He was here and gone in half an hour. A little while later, I had everything set up, and it's all running smoothly now. I can get rid of AOL, woo!


I got an email from O'Reilly yesterday, asking me to come in for an interview next week for the production position. Yay! I don't know how competitive this position is, but I feel confident in my interviewing skills. I've never interviewed for a job and not gotten it. Now, I must note that the only jobs I've interviewed for were ones where they were hiring people anyway, and I had a feeling that the interview was basically there to make sure that I didn't have 6 heads or something. However, I've always felt comfortable at interviews, and I've always felt good walking out of them. So, unless the interview goes horribly for some reason, I think I'm going to give notice at my job a week from Monday, which will be two weeks from when my one year there is up. I figure that, even if I end up not getting the O'Reilly job, something else will come my way. If I'm good enough for one company to want to interview, I think I'll be good enough for other companies, too. And I think we can afford to have me completely unemployed for a couple of months, and I can always do something menial to make ends meet if nothing comes my way. I really enjoyed working at Burger King when I was living in Texas, so maybe I could do that again. Or working in a locally owned cafe or something would be fine, too. Or maybe I could try retail. In any case, there are a lot of things I would be fine doing until I find a more permanent job. Whee!


Paid an early morning visit.

Emptied the dishwasher and washed the growing set of kosher dishes.

Got the internet connection all set up.

Made some LJ posts, which someone was bugging me to do.

Showered and shaved (I can't really show up at the O'Reilly interview with a bald patch in my beard).

Made and ate a sandwich.

Relatively productive, although I should probably do some more cleaning in my room now, so that I'll feel that I'll have earned going out for a few hours later this evening, as it looks like I am likely to do. I opened all of the boxes in my room yesterday in search of a book, and now they are a big mess in my room (I didn't find the book, either). So, I think I'll probably try to put some things away in my room. There's a bookshelf out in the hallway, so I can put some books on that. That will allow me to get rid of some of the boxes. And I know there are books I probably don't need, like some old math textbooks, that I can get rid of. Oh, and I should probably try to get the game shelves set up in the living room and start putting games on them.

Slowly the house is coming together.