June 5th, 2002


Photo shoot

I got to participate in my first photo shoot today. We shot a model train with a quarter propped up next to it to show scale. It was my quarter, and I took some clay that was there and put it on the back to form a little stand so that it could stand up without having to lean on the train. Please form an orderly line for autographs.

Whee. It was actually pretty cool, even though it was simple. I imagine that a shoot involving people would be a lot more interesting.

Mail stuff

Having more mail problems. Bear with me while I get this resolved. Reading mail is no problem, it's just sending mail that is. If I really need to send you something, I can. If it's not urgent, then I probably won't answer you for a little while. If it becomes more urgent, send me another mail or call me. If you haven't heard from me by Sunday or so, send me another mail.