May 23rd, 2002



Cruising one of my usual job search sites, I found two great jobs at O'Reilly. I'm really excited about applying for them, because they sound like neat jobs, I'm pretty much qualified for them (they're pretty much entry level), I'd be working in Cambridge, and I'd be working for O'Reilly. It's hard to focus on putting in a long day here when all I want to do is go home and submit my resume right now.


I've been really productive today, which feels pretty good. I've gotten 3 lessons off of my desk, and I may get another one off my desk today, depending on how creative I can be after my meeting after being here for 9 hours. Going to make up all 3 extra hours today, so, with 1/2 hour lunch, I'll end up being here 10 1/2 hours, which is unheard of for me.

One of the cool things I did was add an exercise in order to fill up some space. So, what I did was add an exercise that will call for a photograph of a piece of origami paper and a completed origami model. I think I can convince people that we can shoot these in-house with my own foldings, so it would be pretty cool to see my own stuff end up in a math book, and it would also be cool to see an in-house photo shoot since I've never seen one of those.

I also managed to solve a problem that had been a real stickler for a while, and I even got a "good job" from the person in charge of the current chapter I'm working on.