May 17th, 2002


Food as community builder

So, I shaved this morning, and I picked up new glasses. I look pretty different. I had brief thoughts of bleaching my hair, but I decided against that. When I was picking up shaving supplies (I bought one of those triple-blade razors. I have previously used electric razors, but I think the blades must need replacing or soemthing. Anyway, I wanted a really smooth shave, and I've never had much success with the electric, so I thought I'd give the standard a try. And it worked), I felt in a food-creative mood, or at least food-inspired, so I picked up strawberries, bananas, lemons, and limes. At home this evening, I made some lemon-lime ade, which is yummy. Then hrafn and I went for a walk while the lemon-lime ade was chilling (and picked up some nummy soft-serve ice cream from the new ice cream place near us). When we got back, zzbottom and sekjaya were downstairs, so I invited them up with the promise of lemon-lime ade and imminent strawberry-banana smoothie. zzbottom had a new game he wanted to try (he had played it with hrafn, but had not yet played it with four people), so we hung out talking while I made the smoothie, and then we played. It's Reiner Knizia's Digging, a card game of prospecting and claim-jumping in the Old West. It's fun, and Paulo and I were a good team, winning handedly.

So, it was neat that I got some nice hanging-out time with friends because I made some nice food. I think I will definitely have to make the lemon-lime ade again. I may have to make a large batch for my birthday picnic thing.


I figured I'd post this here. Otherwise, it would probably just get lost, since it's jsut on a loose piece of paper. I should probably start collecting my poems on my web site. Which reminds me, I'm thinking about redesigning (well, designing) my web page. I'd still like to keep it simple and clean, and not have to worry about it not working in some browsers. I was thinking of maybe doing the category heads in Boggle cubes, and maybe doing some sort of logo. Anyone have any other ideas?

Naked I stand, glancing in the mirror.
Is that still me in there?
I feel like me; I think like me.
Naked my face, glancing back at me.
Yes, I actually have a face again.
No more hiding behind mountains of hair.
I guess I'll have to find another shield.