May 3rd, 2002

pink vader

My next Perl project

I need to make some sort of diplomacy filter for email messages. It will take as input commands, such as:

Change this line in the writing guidelines to this.

It will output the same comamnd phrased diplomatically:

We feel that this might not be as good as that. What do you think about changing it?

Jotto version 0.2

Jotto version 0.2 is up on, reachable via ssh with username jotto and password playjotto.

Version 0.1 added the 'info' and 'quit' commands and indented the scores so are easier to see.

Version 0.2 adds the choice of dictionary.

Future plans for features:
- 'status' command to let you see all of your guesses and scores for the current game
- Being able to play an actual game, where the computer is guessing your word
- optional login, so that it will track your scores and maybe start recording your games, so that it can learn to play against you better (in the far future)
- a version using the curses library