March 8th, 2002



Instead of just emailing this idea to myself at home where it will sit and collect electronic dust, I figured I put it here.

A web site that lists the current menus for restaurants that have changing menus. Might be nice to set it up with the restaurants, so that they could email/fax their daily menu to the site maintainers, who would then put it up on the web site.

This occurred to me as I was wondering what soups would be available today at the New England Soup Facotry. Of course, whatever is there will be exacellent, so I guess it doesn't matter what the menu is.

Another idea

I'll bet something like this is out there.

What I need is a web-based calendar, where I can put my events, and other people who might want to do things with me could put suggested events on the calendar as well. What would be really cool, if I could get certain people to do it, would be a group calendar, or at least have everyone have their own calendar with an option to set events as group events and to view a combined calendar.

I'll bet prog could make this for me. Have it ready in 2 weeks, okay prog?

New Genre

So yesterday was supposed to be my day to be at home all by myself from the time I got home from work until the time I went to bed. hrafn was going straight to her engagement from work, cthulhia was working and then going to potluck, so I was just going to be at home, goof off, and probably get some New Genre database stuff done.

Well, what ended up happening instead was I went over to the New Genre offices and we went through one of the stories. It was just going to be a couple of hours, and we were going to do two stories. I ended up being there from 3 to 10:30 (with some initial down time and a break for dinner). We sat there with 5 marked-up copies of the manuscript and went through, correction by correction, and discussed among the three of us what changes to make and not make. There were frequent forays into the Chicago Manual of Style and our dictionaries, and plenty of lively debate and discussion. It was great. The one story comprises almost half of the page count for the whole issue, so we should only have to get together another 2 times, or possibly one longer time. They said they liked having me there, and that I was making valuable contributions. And even though it's their magazine and I'm just an unpaid intern, they made me feel like a part of the editorial team, like my knowledge and opinions mattered, and that was really cool. Plus I just plain liked the work. I wish I could get paid to do that. It would be so cool if New Genre were to become a financial success and could actually afford to pay people like me. Even if it didn't pay much, I could easily see doing that and some random freelance stuff to pick up the rest of the bills.

A quiet night at home tonight, which will probably mean that I'll have a little bit of time to work on database stuff, and then maybe I'll work on it Saturday evening, too, since I currently have no plans for then.

Saturday at noon hrafn and I are going to look at 3 or 4 houses in Everett with our realtor. Then I'm going to a gaming thing for an as-yet -to-be-determined length of time. Then no plans until Sunday morning hanging out with a sweetums who would probably rather not be named here, and then going to an open house in Malden, then the Adam Brodsky house concert in Somerville, then another game party, and then hopefully in bed early for a nice night's sleep.

And now it's time for soup.
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