February 28th, 2002



So I finally get the tech art from Boss Lady, it's sitting on my chair when I come in this morning. The reason she's looking at it is both of my supervisors (there's one for the art for my book, and one for everything else) are on vacation, so she said she wanted to see it. Cool. I thought I would actually get good comments. Instead, I get stuff like:

"There is a lot of TA (tech art) missing. You will help yourself later if you akeep a list _now_ of what you have seen, what is missing, and when you approve the TA."

First of all, there is none missing. This is some additional tech art. Now, granted, she probably had no way of knowing that, but you'd think she could at least assume that my supervisor would be doing her job right by keeping track of it if that were the case, and possibly even assume that I had enough of a clue to do that. Of course, the spec pages were attached, the ones I drew up on graph paper. And the spec pages all get numbers stamped on them (by the design department, I think), starting with 0001 with the first one they see and going on from there. These spec pages were stamped 0014 through 0022. Now, if you were seeing these, wouldn't you assume that 0001 and 0013 had already been done? Or at least commented on it, rather than just say "there's missing TA." I guess what gets me most about this is that there seems to be an assumption that I don't know whats going on.

Then there's a note about her not seeing the manuscript pages for one of the lessons in the chapter. Yes, the manuscript changed after the edit went out, but it got changed on the server, too. All she had to do was grab the copy off the server and look. People seem so reluctant to do that. Again, it's like not trusting that I'd have the most up-to-date version on the server. Just a few weeks ago she was telling me what a great job I was doing, and now it seems like she's treating me like all of the other numbs (I just made that up . . . probably not technically supposed to use the word that way, but it suits my purpose) that work here. Feh.

I don't think I'm necessarily as upset by this as this post suggests, at least not emotionally upset. I guess I've come to expect this here. Anyone got any good leads on editing jobs in Boston? I'd ideally like to work for some sort of fiction magazine, but I don't see that happening. If I want to stay out of textbook publishing in Boston, I'll most likely have to go for magazine or newspaper, and, without a journalism, English, or communications degree, that's going to be kind of tough. I should probably try talking to a recruiter and see what they say. And I should probably start trying to write more, since a writer/editor is more employable than an editor.