February 1st, 2002


Daily heart rate jump

So, I'm driving down 128 to get to work this morning. For those unfamiliar with it, just after Rt. 9, 128 changes from 4 lanes to 3. However, during rush hour times (including the time I was driving there), the breakdown lane is open for use. Traffic was going slow in the right lane, so I sped up to get into the breakdown lane (sped up to like 50). I will frequently get in the breakdown lane for that stretch, since my exit is the next one.

Well, as soon as I get over, I see someone actually using the breakdown lane as a breakdown lane, changing his tire. Maybe 100 ft. in front of me. And I've already sped up. So I break hard and get back over into the right lane. That got the ol' blood circulating. I guess it's a good thing that I have good reflexes.

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Phone fun

The sound of Boss Lady's laughter coming at me through the phone and from the other side of the office at the same time.