December 13th, 2001


Boggle Night

Boggle Night went well. There were about 10-12 people there at the max, I think. One table played normal Big Boggle, and one table played 5-or-more-letter-words Big Boggle (normal is 4 or more). cthulhia showed up and sat and talked with people for a while, until I started making threatening comments about people showing up at Boggle Night and not playing Boggle. Then she proceeded to kick ass. So, everyone except Kit played, but I guess she's allowed to be in her own house and not play Boggle ;-)

Like the last Boggle night, I posted this to three lists, and everyone that showed up (well, with one exception) was from only one of the lists. I guess I'll keep sending them out to the other lists when I have them, since it's not that much wasted bandwidth, and I might end up picking up more people if this continues to be a regular thing. We'll see if I can make it monthly.

I really need a Boggle icon for lj.