December 12th, 2001


Moving Day

We moved Kit into the other bedroom last night. We weren't really using all of the space in the room before, so, now that it's a bit better organized, it looks a lot roomier. The futon is against the far corner, back where the TV used to be, and the dresser that was in there, plus the dresser that was in our bedroom, are both against the side wall where the futon was. And the Chicken is going on that wall in there, which means we'll have to find another place for the Wheel of Time poster, and I will have space to hang up my large painting in my bedroom. I was thinking on the way over here if I wanted to rearrange at all. Not sure how I could do it very much, since I don't want the bed blocking any of the closets or doors to the room. Probably the most I'll do is move the dresser to the corner where Kit's dresser used to be, and shove the TV into the corner where the dresser is now.

Neither of us has had a space that is just our own since we left home a little more than 8 years ago. We're both pretty excited about it, and I don't know why we didn't think about it sooner. It probably didn't even enter our minds because that's just Not The Thing Married Couples Do. I'm really glad that Kit and I can do things our own way and not feel constrained by how everyone else does things. I really am lucky to have a wife like her, and, I think this is the first time I've admitted it (even though Kit's said it many times), she really is lucky to have a husband like me. We really have learned to support each other and allow each other to be who we want to be. It hasn't always been easy, but that's what makes it worth it.

I could sit here all day writing, but I really should do some work. You know, I really do need something like a month or two off, so that I can do some serious writing and do crosswords and pick up the recorder again and read all the books I want to read. Okay, maybe more like 6 months. But, since that's not likely to happen in the near future, I guess I'll have to try to make time to do those things.