November 25th, 2001



I guess I should have known better than to read it, but I didn't. Of course, being as curious as I am, there really was no earthly way that I could resist. And, yes, I did read the disclaimer.

All I'm going to say about it is that it really is amazing how my interpretations of things are so different from other people's interpretations of things. Of course, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised, knowing how many filters (ie people) this is going through, and my previous experience with the inaccuracies of one particular filter - inaccuracies that the filter only sees as minor, like changing a word or two of something I say when repeating it to someone else, but that I see as much more major, where the particular words that are changed leave a very different impression than the ones they are changed to.

My initial reaction was one of anger, but that faded, and I know that's just me being defensive. I'm not angry. I guess I'm just upset that there exist what I consider to be false impressions of me out there. I don't really care what most people think about me, but there are people whose opinions of me I value, and I don't like to feel that these people have the wrong impression of me.