November 13th, 2001


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I'll have to start remembering to adjust the time on these, since my computer clock is slow. And it's not predictably slow, either. It just keeps slowly losing time. Wish I knew how to fix it, or what was causing it. I wonder if there's a way to have it grab the time from some time server rather than just get it from my computer.

So, anyway, it's 5:20. I didn't get to bed until sometime after midnight. Spent some time reading someone's lj and writing a long email that I'm going to worry about all day. I guess I'll just grab some soy milk to drink as breakfast and head off to work early, since I have to leave early to pick Dway up from the airport. I dropped her off on Thursday for a visit with some friends in Cincinatti (I have no idea how to spell that name). It'll be nice to get off work early, see her, and go hang out with her for most of the day. With as little sleep as I got, I'll probably end up napping, like I often do when I'm there.

I might actually be able to finish what I'm working on today at work, be done with glossaries for a while. My boss says she has more stuff for me, which I hope won't take me forever, because I'm supposed to move onto the middle school book come Monday. It'll really be nice to get in on the beginning of a book, since I've been working on finishing up the high school book since I started in July. And to actually get my own chapters to work on, instead of just doing endmatter and other leftover bits.

Had some interesting dreams last night, but they're just beyond my grasp now. I might have to start just getting up immediately and coming to the computer to write down dreams.
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Work was a little frustrating. Old Word files + big tables + MathType = bad. I can work around it, but then I'll get a little lazy and then things will get screwed up again. By lazy, I mean not saving every 3-5 minutes (literally) and then quitting Word and opening the file again to work on it for another 3-5 minutes. So I ended up doing a few things over that I had done last week, but it wasn't too bad. I really can see the end of this stupid glossary, but now it looks more like Thursday, or possible Friday. Boss lady said she had something else for me to do, but she also said that I was going on to the middle school book on Monday, so, I don't know what will happen if I end up spending the rest of this week on the glossary. Hopefully she'll make one of the new people do it. By new, I mean newer than me, since I'm still newm, too (a little over 4 months, now). There are 3 other new peons there, so maybe she can get one of them to do it. Of course, I have proven myself capable, which is nice, but it also means I get stuck with the stuff that has to get done. Luckily, no one has asked me to work extra hours. I don't think they'd do that unless I were staff. We have kind of a weird situation, where something like a third to half of our department are what they call term-of-project employees (TOPS). We get virtually the same benefits, but we're seen as temporary, which is pretty annoying at times. And I have a one-year "contract" with them, but it's not really a contract, which I didn't find out until I showed up for my first day of work. It's an at-will employment (on their part, not mine . . . I don't know if I would be breaching anything if I decicded to quit), meaning they can fire me for any or no reason and that's that. They can only keep you as a TOPS for two years, and then they have to either let you go or hire you onto staff. Come review time (around February, I guess), I'm going to let them know that I want to be put on staff, and that I will be seeking other employment come July if I don't get it. It appears to be standard practice to keep people on TOPS for the two years, but we have a new head of the department since I've joined, so we'll see how it works out.

Picked up dway from the airport today, and then we went to the Diesel for what's turning into a weekly daytime social. Let's see, time to come up with a name for someone. I'll call him Cue (not to be confused with me, queue). Cue is a pool shark and a good friend. His job right now has him working nights, so he has free time during the day. dway's flight got in around 1, so we had time to go hang out. Played some pool, played this game called Quorridor, or soemthing like that, from Gigamic, the makers of Quarto. It was a pretty neat game, but I got a bit upset at the person I was playing with, mostly because of who it was (don't really want to get into THAT right now). Ended up taking dway home, since she was crashing, and then I came home, and actually beat Kit home. Kit's making dinner right now, but I'm not hungry. I had a Whopper at the airport waiting for dway, and then I had a Rusty Slide, the Diesel's vanilla ice cream and chai drink (thanks to cthulhia for introducing me to it). I'll probably have some later tonight, unless I decide to go to bed early and get into work super early again. In which case I'll bring some for lunch or breakfast or whatever. Or maybe I can get up early and spend some time doing crosswords, since I've decided I want to get back into crossword shape and go to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament this year. And the neat thing is, I'll still be considered a junior there (25 and under). So, even though I might finish like 250th overall out of 275 people, I can still finish in the top ten in the juniors division, since not many participate, which will make me feel not at all better, but I can pretend.

Must learn to split things up into paragraphs. It's a hard thing to make myself do. Not sure what's going on tonight. I might see if I can get Kit to play a game or two, maybe some Boggle, maybe some Jotto. Oh, I came up with a new Jotto variant. This is the best link I could come up with in 5 seconds. I remember seeing this boxed version somewhere. I never play with points. I learned from a friend in high school, who had learned it in Latin class. With my friend sitting in front of me, this is how we spent Economics class junior year in high school. I even went so far as to write down a bunch of 5-letter words in a notebook. I would go up to people and ask them to think of a 5-letter word, and then would write it down if I didn't already have it. I think I had some vague notion of collecting words to write a computer program to play the game, but it never got past the vague notion page. I remember going and looking at the list when I was done, and I only found a couple of repeats in a list of about 1300 words. Anyway, the variant: you can only guess a word that it could possibly be. So, fer example, if my first guess is "black", and it has 2, then every subsequent guess has to have two of those letters, and no more. So, I couldn't guess something like "black", like I might have done in regular Jotto. But I could guess something like "clime". It's a real pain in the ass to come up with words after a few guesses, but it's really rewarding (at least for me. Less so for Kit, it seems) to even find a word that is allowable. The turns end up taking quite a bit longer, and it definitely requires pen and paper (optional for the regular version if you have a decent memory) (at least it requires it now. I'm actually hoping to play enough of it to be able to play it in my head), but it lasts fewer rounds. At least, that was the case in the one game of it I've played so far. I need to check and see if anyone else on lj has jotto as an interest, and I'll have to remember to add it to mine if I haven't already. Anyone interested in a remote game? Or a live game for those of you who live close? (who are probably the only people reading this, if anyone is at all)

Okay, I think that's enough for me right now. Dinner actually is smelling good, so I'll probably eat some and then finish Dragonflight, which I'm rereading after having read it something like 15 years ago.