November 12th, 2001


First time

Okay, so I'm here. Let's see if this can motivate me to write. Found the bogglelovers group and a friend I didn't know was on here. Getting set to roleplay right now, so I really shouldn't be over here doing this. I think I'll spend a bunch of time reading docs tonight. And now my phone is ringing.

(no subject)

So my character went off with an NPC, and the rest of the party is doing stuff now, so I have a chance to get on here. I looked at the newbie page and joined the bogglelovers community. I play Boggle pretty much every day at work, and on Wednesday evenings over at surrealestate's. I'm pretty good at it one-on-one, but I tend to do not as well in large groups, since I find a bunch of small words which get eaten up by people. I recently had a Boggle Night at my house, and it was a lot of fun. Okay, this seems really disjointed, and there's a reason. People in the other room are still roleplaying, and I really need quiet to concentrate well. I should be able to be more coherent after they leave and the house is quiet. I should probably come up with fake names for people, like I saw in someone else's journal. That way I can use names but not necessarily incriminate people if they aren't already known by anyone reading this journal. I really doubt anyone will read this, which will be just as well, since I really just need a place to write.