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A fairly relaxing weekend. I spent almost all of it at home, and even some of it by myself. And I even cooked dinner one night. And I think this is the first year that I watched absolutely no Superbowl, and I didn't mind at all. I heard it was a good game, but it just holds no interest for me. TV in general is much less interesting to me now, which is nice. I have plenty of other ways to waste time, but I've been doing a lot less time wasting lately, and I'm happy with that. Of course, I still try to catch The Simpsons' when it's on, and I'll occasionally watch some cable (Scifi channel, or Cartoon Network) at my girlfriend's when she's busy on the computer and I have nothing else to do. But it just isn't an important part of my life anymore like it used to be. I used to have 6-8 shows that I had to watch every week, and I don't think I've seen any of them in months, and some of them not in many months. Yay.
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