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The turkey soup was pretty good last night, and the biscuits were really nice. Very soft, sweet, with a nice rosemary flavor. After watching The Simpsons, I finished watching the BBC South Park documentary that's on one of the South Park DVDs that I got for Chritmas, thus finishing everything on those DVDs. Now time to watch them all a second time. Took a bath, then read Foxtrot until shutting off the light at 10. Woke up around midnight to go to the bathroom, then again at 5. Got up at 5:40. Just missed the bus that comes by at around 6:15, but one came by about 10 minutes later. I sit down, and the person behind me says, "Kevin?" I turn around, and it's browngirl. So, instead of reading, I chatted for the bus ride, which was pleasant.

I actually proofread several pages before even logging on to LiveJournal this morning, so that's good. My plan for today is to get through proofreading this chapter, and then start figuring out which MLOs[1] to put with which pages, which doesn't take all that long. Once that's done, I'm completely out of work until I either hear back from the electronic production people about chapters 3, 5, and 7, or until I get the comments from the vendor on chapter 9, which probably won't happen until later next week. So, i probably have working on other side projects to look forward to. maybe once i get close to being done, I can talk with the bosses and see about maybe starting up on some of the stuff that I'm going to be doing when I'm done with this, the e-book stuff or whatever.

[1] Master Learning Objectives - A big list of every conceivable task you can do in mathematics (at least through high school), such as "Find the Percent of a Whole Number" and "Make Predictions Based on Experimental or Theoretical Probabilities". I've already correlated these to the lessons in the book, so all i have to do is decide which of those get used in each ancillary page. It's pretty easy, since usually most of the pages for one lesson use all of the same MLOs.

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