Queue (queue) wrote,

Looney Night

I've missed the past couple of Looney Nights, so I'm looking forward to going tonight. If nothing else, it should give me a chance to brush up on Cosmic Coasters, since I'm supposed to be demoing that this weekend at Arisia. I hope I can get a chance to play some Gnostica, too.

Since cthulhia won't be able to stop at home to pick up games before the event, I've decided to go home first and get mine. I hadn't quite decided what I was going to do yet, but it probably would have involved working late or getting some Wendy's and sitting and reading my book until it was time to go to the event, or a combination of both. This way, though, not only can I pick up games, but I can have some time at home to do some programming or something before I go. And I suppose I really should spraypaint those AOL CD tins. I guess I can do that this evening, too. I figure I'll just take them outside to spray them, and then bring them into the washroom to dry. Doing it today will give them enough time to dry in case I need another coat on them.

I haven't thought up anything particularly clever to do to decorate them. I think I'll just hope that Alison brings the stickers to put on them. If not, I'm sure I can find people to help me scrounge things at Arisia to decorate them with.

Last night, I realized that I'm completely single for the first time in something like 9.5 years. Kinda weird, I guess. I think it will end up being good, though, giving me a chance to figure out my new housing situation and all of that without having distractions. Maybe help me develop a new routine that takes care of me more.

There's a meeting going on right now. It started at 11:30 and gets over at 1:30. Yes, that's right, that means lunch. And lunch means lunch leftovers. I need to remember to swoop into that conference room at 1:30 to snag some leftovers.

I've been waiting to hear back about a couple of bad files in each of chapters 3 and 5, so that I could get them out. Been waiting for a while. I told my supervisor this morning, since I knew she had a status meeting for the project today. The head guy in charge of the files and such said that he thought he remembered giving me a verbal okay on the files over the phone (he didn't). He's going to check on that and get back to me. Furthermore, all such notifications will be done by email now, so that my supervisor can be in the loop. They're really flaky sometimes about letting us know when they've done something. It seems I did the appropriate thing of letting my supervisor know, though.

I'm currently working on the files for chapter 7. Chapters 9 and 11 are on my desk. 9 got proofread by an outside person, and 11 is awaiting my proofreading. Then I'm waiting for comments from the outside vendor on 9 and 11, then I can work on those files (which, by that time, should be ready to go). Then there's just Chapter 13, and I'm all done with my chapters. My supervisor told me that the over-boss is anxious to get me onto my next thing (e-books and such-like), so I may just finish with the first round (what I'm doing now) and move on to that, which means I could be done with this relatively soon, like maybe 3 weeks or so. It will be nice to start something new.

empheliath sent me a job listing from some new freelance jobs Web site. It's a listing to be put on the freelance list for K-12 educational material, especially math and social studies. So, I guess I need to update my resume so I can get it to them. The listing said that you could fax, mail, or email your resume, but no email address was given. D-uh.

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